Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Coming home."

We love the Road to Avonlea shows. Some of them are really weird, and all of them are rather overly dramatic, but they're fun, haha :). One of the last episodes, Felicity sends a telegram with the words "Coming home" to her family. We laughed so hard when that was all she said, because they needed waaaaay more preparation for what was coming next, haha... but I was fishing for a title for this post that wasn't something long, or something like "An Update", haha :). So, random quotes it  is...

 I haven't blogged much lately, and I apologize to all my blog readers. But time has been getting away from me as we've been so busy. In the past six weeks, we've had three birthdays; taken a trip down to SC; had my best friend and her family here from out of state for five days; I graduated; Mama's Uncle Kevin passed away, and Mama went down to SC to attend his funeral; and Daddy was in SC for a week workig at his new store.

We're headed back to SC!!! So, we are currently spending Emmi's birthday being packed up, haha :).

Earlier this year, one of the SC LifeWay stores opened up, and Daddy put in for a transfer. He didn't get it, and we were kind of disappointed, but knew that the Lord knew what was going on. After Noah was born, Daddy heard that the store hadn't worked out for the guy who HAD gotten the transfer, and it was opened again. Daddy put in for it again... and he was approved!!! Mama has labeled this year "The year of it's not going to work out, oh wait!", haha :). There have been several instances like that this year!

We headed down for our house-hunting trip last month, the day after Peter's birthday. We weren't expecting to find anything, just get an idea of what Daddy should try to aim for as he continued searching himself, but the Lord brought something up while we were there. It was really neat how everything worked out! I've been working on posts about our trip all month, and I'm hoping to get them posted over the next few days, and then (hopefully) share about how our move goes next week :).

Peter was so cute. The movers got here today, and about an hour later he asked me, "Are the people still here?"
"Um, yes. They'll be here a long time. They're helping us move, isn't that nice?"
"Yes. We're going to have to leave our movies..."
"No, they are taking them for us."
Peter looked at me, laughed in amazement, and told me, "That's a lot of movies...". Haha :). It was like that was the straw that broke the camel's back, they are dedicated to even help with the movies... haha! Not sure why that beats the whole room of books, but okay, haha :).

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