Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Older Brother ✽ JeightJeight

Tori was talking to Peter awhile ago, and somehow it was mentioned that Josiah was younger than Peter. (Peter has more of a poetic nature, while Josiah is known as our "moncho man", so I think this helped in just flooring Peter...) He was sooooo shocked to find that he was the older brother, it was cute, haha!

So, a few days later, all the little ones piled onto my bed and we were snuggling and laughing together, and Peter told me, "Hey, you know what?"
"EVERYBODY in this house is bigger than me, except Josiah and Noah.... because, APPARENTLY Josiah is younger than me..."

Mama told me that he than came to her later and decided to get this down once and for all, and went through "Daddy was born... then Mama... then Bri... and Tori... and...?"
"Then Bethi," Mama prompted.
"What?! Bethi is BIGGER than ANDREW?!?!?!?"

Josiah brought me a piece of paper recently and asked me, "Can you spell my name?!"
I wrote his name in the corner, and handed it back to him.
"Yes!" he exclaimed. "There is a 'J'" -pointing to the j, I was impressed, he'd never done that before- "and" -waving at the rest- "numbers!!!!" :)
"So," Tori commented when I told her, "I'm going to start calling him JeightJeight instead of JoJo. Hi, JeightJeight." (He has too many nicknames; JoJo, Joey, JoJo-Tomago, Siah, Si, Joe, Joeyakins. (That last one originated with me, but don't ask where it came from. I add "kins" (and/or "girl" for girls, lol) to the end of names as a form of endearment, and have for forever. But I guess his went from Joeykins to Joeyakins because it somehow reminded of Coriakin in "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". Hey, it seems to fit, but when or how I connected the two, not even I am sure...) (And I've been rabbit trail happy lately... you should have seen all the parentheses in parentheses I had in a late night email I wrote recently, haha! Okay... bye...))

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