Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unexpected Captive ✽ State Spider

Earlier this week I was reading a post by a blogger I follow (hey Julia!), and she was telling us about a huge spider she found at the park. Literally the next day, I walked outside. I was just going to see if the basketball hoop in our backyard would be usable if we got a new net, because I had forgotten to when Mama asked me the day before. I saw a clear rubber maid, and thought that was weird. So I peek in it.


I kind of freaked out, because I figured, since the rubbermaid was from the garage, then that thing had been living in our garage. I checked the basketball hoop, and as I walked back by it, I couldn't help taking another peek, it was so nasty and fascinating.

And then I noticed that there were little tiny bits of dirt running around the box. EXCEPT THEY WEREN'T DIRT. It was a bunch of little spiders. And all those bumps on the spider? Yep. More baby spiders.

Then Daddy let us know that it was actually IN THE HOUSE the night before. He thinks he found it as soon as it got in, but it's still gross and disturbing. And then he researched it and found out that this was another famous Wolf Spider. Which happens to be South Carolina's official state spider. I live in the only state to have an official state spider. Ew. Oh, and by the way, when I say it was "another" famous Wold spider, I mean it. Apparently they are one of the few spiders to carry their young with them, and when I was about eleven, Daddy went to take care of a giant spider on the kitchen floor, and little baby spiders ran in every direction. I was in the kitchen doing supper dishes, and didn't know what was going on until Mama started shrieking, haha. It was a dramatic event. And now it's happened again...



    like gross


  2. I KNOW. But as soon as my mom called my dad to ask about it (he hadn't told her when he found it....), he told her to let the little ones see it and let it go, and I was like "I have to get a picture to show Julia how much worse it gets!!!!!", hahahaha!
    Then my sister informed me it was poisonous O.o. I'm glad I didn't know that when I was told to let it out?!?!?!?!


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