Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chatterback ✽ I have a Murderous Maniacal Laugh

Does anyone remember my blog post about the snowgie Mama set off at Kohls? (As an aside, were has the time gone?! That was our last trip out together before Noah was born, and now here he is 5 1/2 months, and IT DOESN'T SEEM THAT LONG AGO. But then I think of everything that has happened since then, and I'm like, how did we fit all that into such a short time?! Lol!)

So, Mama decided to give me one of these snowmen for my birthday. A lot of laughing ensued while she and Tori were in the bedroom wrapping stuff up, and at breakfast I was told that I would get to hear about it later. It turns out, they were laughing at this thing. Because when it started talking, Mama told some one it talks baby talk.
"Baby talk!!!" exclaimed the snowgie (BTW, Tori says that this is the snowgie Olaf named Walter. Since I like the name Walter and I dare not disagree with Tori, this stands ;).)
"It just said baby talk," Mama announced in consternation.
"It just said baby talk!" Walter chirped back.
"Mama, it SAYS "chatterback" on the box!", I am told that Tori informed her.

And as they were telling me this after I unwrapped it, I had a very bothering thought.
That "murderous maniacal laugh" I said "terrified me" last March?
That was probably a chatterback of my own.
I'm sorry to everybody who has to listen to me.

And as an aside, Walter likes to play his classical music in an electric guitar style. It's kind of entertaining and disturbing. And about fifty times a day someone wants to know if they can have my "snotman". And then I hear chicken nuggets and other random words chanted back and forth until I put him up, haha :). The whole family has gotten enjoyment from impressionable Walter from beginning to end ;).

Peter has no idea what I'm writing and just asked for him again... haha!

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