Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy Anniversary, Mama and Daddy! ✽ More randomness, it's all I do

Mama and Daddy celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday <3. The little people put on an elaborate show for them, with Abbi on the keyboard, Emmi dancing, 'Siah on the harmonica, and Peter strumming the guitar (...when he remembered, haha! His contribution was my favorite, he was adorable to watch.) Then Andrew gave a show of the singing dog choir, and Abbi put on a puppet show about two pigs who fell in love, and Emmi served them little pieces of bread cut into hearts. It was so much fun to watch... I had been hearing the planning and rehearsals for about a week beforehand, so I had the added benefit of anticipation, haha! And each person's leading act was so fit for their personalities! We were laughing so hard, it was awesome... As they brought out yet another surprise, Mama mentioned that it was a big deal because Tori and I never did this, and I reminded her that we did, once. We put on a show, and they laughed, so I vowed never to set one up again, haha. But I'm very hopeful that this crowd will stay in business (and as one of the "unimportant" people who can hear all behind the scenes production, it sounds like that hope is well grounded).

Then we watched old family videos, because Mama remembered the show we talked about and wanted to see it again, haha! And oh my goodness, Tori acted like Josiah in so many ways when she was little! And looked nothing like Emmi, although Emmi is almost her clone now? Isn't it interesting how that works?!

I am so thankful for my parent's relationship and love for each other. It is a blessing I know not everybody has! They have worked together to bring our family to just the place God has for us, and God has used each of them to strengthen the other, and it is a joy to have this example set before us <3.


Joey is the King of Working... unless there is anyone
he could boss to do it instead, of course, haha ;).      

 JoJo walks by the garbage can, sees trash laying on the floor: "I threw this. Away. FOR A REASON!"
*picks up trash and slams it back into the trash can*
*Lumbers away like the growling, snarling, cuddly teddy bear he is.*

Daddy examines my glasses: "There is a little spot here, and it's actually part of the glasses."
Me: "Huh?"
"Actually, there is one of each of your lenses. With a 1/25 written under each one."
"I don't know what those numbers mean. Both of my eyes have different prescriptions, and neither one includes a 25? And I've never noticed the circles."
Daddy: "Well, I'm going to assume it doesn't mess with your vision then..."
I *can* see it if I look hard now that I know it's there, but yeah, I've not noticed at all for the past ten months, haha!
By the way, I have zip depth perception without my glasses. I went to get my glasses cloth to clean them before I put them back on, stating I didn't need the glasses to do so, and promptly bumped into the edge of the table. 

Also, I was going to pull my head out of the fridge the other day and almost ripped my glasses off with the freezer handle. Story of my life.

We watched "Miss Potter" earlier this afternoon, and it was fun to watch it knowing this time how closely they had actually stuck to her life. When we were at my aunt's, I was reading a Beatrix Potter journal she has, and I was surprised to find that she mentioned being engaged to Norman Warne in one of the entries. I asked Mama later, "Did you know that that actually happened? I thought you said that was just added to the film, and it disappointed me so much." She answered that she had only found that it was rumored, not confirmed -it was speculated, but his brothers denied it, although that didn't mean it didn't happen, since the engagement was supposed to be a secret. I told her about the journal, and she was like, "Oh. I guess the speculation came from... her journal... then." So, yeah, I enjoyed knowing the movie was pretty accurate AND good, haha :). I love that opening scene... it's "nothing special", "just" washing paintbrushes... and yet they brought out the beauty of it perfectly :). 

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