Thursday, February 23, 2017

Spilling Words ✽ Spring Bunny

Hello peeps :)!
I don't have anything big to share, so don't get too excited... I'm just talking... again... haha :). I didn't get to blog last week, and I've been waiting to be able to all this week, haha :).
Annnnnd my blog background seems to be missing. Lovely.
I'm kind of tired of Blogger's shenanigans right now...

Josiah, sitting in the car eating a snack before we go into Hobby Lobby: "Why are there truck rails?"
Mama: "Awwwww, the lines are truck rails, that's so smart!"
Josiah: "There are trucks on the truck rails." *points to truck* "There's a broken truck." *points to truck* "There is a broken truck." *points to van* "There is a not broken truck-car."

We have this game where we tap Josiah's head and say, "Turn off!" Then he slaps his head and yells, "TURN ON!" We'll do it a couple times, and then, you know, usually that's it, until next time.
I guess he didn't want to play while I was getting him ready for church this Sunday, though, because, as I helped him stand up, I tapped his head...
"Turn off!"
'Siah: "TURN ON". *covers as much of his head as possible with both of his hands* "I have all my buttons."

Something I never would have expected to say:
Me: "Um, no. Actually. I think if you look like a pork chop, you probably are a pork chop."
Tori: "How much pork would a pork chop chop if a pork chop could chop pork?"
It was like 1 in the morning, we don't even remember why we were talking about pork chops.
Also, for your information, we don't eat pork chops anyway.

Me while eating some canned soup: "When we were little, we used to eat canned soup or these little turkey pot pies every Friday and Tuesday."
Abbi: "Were they good?"
"Do you miss them?"
"Well, I mean they were good, but I'm afraid if we ate them again I would think they were nasty now."
Abbi: *sighs* "I miss them, and I haven't had them. I miss them in my mind, anyway."
I laughed, and Tori was like, "What? I miss walking to the mall for a pretzel, and I've never done that either."
And Mama heard us from her room (?!?!?!) and bought some turkey pies the next day, and we ate them with toast, per tradition, and they actually weren't bad, so I was thankful that bit of nostalgic memory didn't disappoint me, haha :).

Tori: "Who am I in When Call the Heart?"
Me: *thinks* *gives my best answer* "So who would I be?"
Tori: *evil snicker* "Charles."
"Ewww. Please no."
Tori: "I was joking. You're Gowen. NOOOOOOOOO, YOU ARE BILL!!!!"
"Why are you so mean, what even? No!!!"
"No, you're Clara, I think."
"What? Really? I wouldn't have expected that, especially from you. That's not usually the kind of character you pick for me."
"Well, whatever, you're the lady who preaches."
And she just kept throwing out names every single time I asked if she'd settled on one yet. I don't even know.

Also, I know we are behind on the times, but we just finished watching season 2 the other day, and I am so disturbed. Mama and Daddy are laughing at us, because they already know what happens after this, but seriously, when Charles was the one at the end, Tori and I literally both jumped forward and gasped "WHAT?" Like, whyyyyyy!??!
And I'm really annoyed that the Pastor is a former criminal.
And I firmly believe that as annoying as she can be, you can't actually hate Rosemary.
I'm done. Sorry.

And can I just show you what I finished this morning, because, ahhhh, I am so hyped about this one!!!! It was weeks in the making in between other projects, but it's finished now, and I love it! I did it without a pattern, but "recreated" it based off of this Etsy listing, and added a diaper cover because I loved this picture. My Granny asked me if I could make her a baby set to give as a gift, and told me she didn't care what it was, so I got to make that hat, which I have loved since I first saw it, but, um, I wasn't going to make it for a brother, hahaha! Soooooo, I jumped at this chance, and I finished it, and it's so sweet and girly and knit <3. Haha! Also, I forgot that I don't knit as much as crochet partly because it blisters my finger, but I've remembered, haha...  I think I'll be doing more knitting soon anyway, though, because the project has fueled me to do a couple others, haha :).

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri :)

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