Saturday, February 11, 2017

Happy Saturday ✽ Little things from my week

^^^^ That's my blogging buddy this evening. Although he's not sitting on the bed anymore... as soon as I sat down he came and crawled on my lap, and he's just sitting here. He's been doing that so much lately, he's gotten so snuggly and I love it <3.

I spent half my morning drinking coffee and and reading "Toliken's Reader", because...

:). One of my friends made me that mug, and it's adorable <3!

Also, my morning was spent doing completely unreasonable things, like walking downstairs and getting my arm stuck on the stair railing because I forgot to let go before I turned the corner. Me.

Mama wouldn't take me driving after that, hahaha! Actually, we weren't planning on it anyway, but, she still mentioned it as a definite no, haha.

This was (just one of) my completed projects this past week :). I freehanded the pattern, and I found great satisfaction out of making her feet one piece with her legs without a pattern and having them still come out with some shape to them.. And actually, the shoes delighted me too, although they actually aren't such a much. It's the little things in projects that the creator ends up loving, haha :). The hood, though, was... eh, yeah. I made it four times, and I still am not totally pleased with it, but I couldn't even cheat and use someone else's pattern, because apparently NOBODY else can make the hood either... haha! The thickness of the yarn doesn't allow it to disappear into the dress like the real thing, but, that's okay. This wasn't actually for my shop, I made it up for a little friend, and she requested I leave the hood, so, I went with it, despite wanting to tear it out and throw away the yarn, haha ;). But, along with this, I got several things made or started this week, so watch for new items in Under the Tapestry next week :D!

We went over to a church family's house for lunch last Sunday, along with a couple other families. Of course music/The Piano Guys came up in the conversation. One of the girls leaned forward really eager and asked, "Oh, you listen to the Piano Guys?!"
"Yeah, every night I make some tea, and Josiah and I sit down and watch some of their music videos while we drink it," I told her. (I love this time of the day <3 .)
She got this kind of taken-aback look on her face, leaned back in her chair, and said, "Wow. That's.... sophisticated."
"No, you don't understand," I laughed. "It's fruit tea out of a mason jar."
"Ohhhhh," she answered, and I really think she seemed relieved. "Well, that's about as sophisticated as we southern rednecks can get."

Watching "Cello Wars" as "the Jedi" does his "crazy mind tricks": "You will start cello lessons... now."
Peter, in his matter-of-fact way: "No we won't."
Me: "Wow, Peter, that was pretty defiant for you."
Peter: "Well, we don't even have a cello in this house!"

Tori: "Thank you Peter."
Peter: *pauses, thinks a minute.* "...You are welcome."
*turns to me*
"I didn't hear what she said, but in my mind I heard what she said, so I said she was welcome."
Tori: "He means he guessed."

Rejoicing in Hope,

Bri :)

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