Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors", by Voddie Baucham

I read this book a while back, and have been planning on reviewing it ever since. So here it is! It won't be as fresh in my mind as I prefer when writing a review on a book, but it was such a good one, I couldn't not share it :).

What have you been taught about the story of Joseph? Maybe, like many people, it was used when you were little tell you that you shouldn't brag to your brothers. I mean, look at all the trouble that it brought to Joseph when he told his brothers his dreams about being royal! But was it also explained to you that Joseph's family had been known for their dreams (his father was the one who saw the staircase to heaven, after all!!!), and it probably wasn't Joseph's fault that he was the first family member who had bad consequences for sharing the things that the Lord showed him in a dream?

Did you know that to become second in command was not a blessing from the Lord, but a necessary trial to save his family? He was a Jew, chosen seed of God, ruling a pagan land while not being high enough to change the pagan laws, and given a pagan priest's daughter as wife!

And what does Joseph have to do with the gospel? A whole lot! You will be amazed at all the ways that Joseph's trials worked to bring about the events that worked in the background of the life of our Savior!

Mr. Voddie Baucham does a wonderful job holding your attention, making you think, and giving you details that you don't usually hear! This book really showed what significance this often told story holds, and how God's works are mysterious but perfect, and he uses some of the most unlikely people to carry out his will. One of my favorite parts of the book is where Mr. Baucham explains the tests that Joseph gives his un-expecting brothers.

This book was so good, and it will change the way that you look at the story of Joseph!

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