Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 136

~Josiah's adorable little crawl... on his hands and on the tips of his toes, he is hilarious!
~Apple cider vinegar to make tea with! We couldn't find it for a while, but Daddy finally was able to pick some up :). 
~Proverbs 30. I've loved this chapter for years :).
~A meal dropped off by our church family. So sweet! And maybe I should rephrase that, because it wasn't just one meal... haha! Leftover ham, and turkey and potatoes and rolls and other sides enough for several meals! They made up a lunch for the choir, and when they were packing up the leftovers, they decided to give them to us. They were so yummy, and very appreciated!
~Chasing Tori around the kitchen with a handful of bubbles, heeheehee :)! And, obviously, given that this is Tori I am talking about, being chased back. Actually, I was hit with bubbles first. But anyway... haha!
~Those who fought in World War 2... including our neighbor several houses back. He had some fascinating stories, but even if he hadn't, he was a really neat guy, and we are all thankful for him :). We watched a documentary the other day and got to talking about him :).
~Tori telling us facts she has learned. She learns some of the strangest things- I wouldn't even think to wonder about some of the stuff she finds answers to, haha! While we were watching said documentary, she explained to us that we wouldn't be eating m&ms if it weren't for the spanish civil war. She learned this reading a cookbook...?
~Hearing from my Grandma.
~Fellowship with an older couple from church over lunch.
~Getting to observe "Nemos!" with Peter at the italian restaurant. He loved it :). 
~Our neighbor's thoughtful act clearing our yard of leaves :).
~That we've got most of the winter clothes out of the attic.
~Rocking Josiah to sleep :)... he is sooo sweet!
 ~Popcorn and hot chocolate. Yummy!
~Christmas lights, bows, pinecones, and whatnot. So pretty :)! We started Christmas decorating the other day :)!
~A clean bedroom! I love relaxing with a book in bed when the room is clean, haha :).
 ~Eloise Wiliken's children's books. I love her illustrations so much!
~Lots of colored-on paper laying around the house... because that means I have lots of artist siblings!
~Abbi's excitement about her math. More power to her! Haha ;). She is good at it, though!
~Peter all excited about getting bacon for breakfast :). (He thought he was going to get a hamburger to go with it :P... but he was happy anyway :).)
~That we should have a working dishwasher in just a couple hours :)! Yay!

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the
will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
                               ~I Thessalonians 5:18


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