Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thoughts on Romans 12; Ways to Serve Hospitably in the Home

While we young ladies are still living in our parent's homes, it is true that a lot of the load of having guests over will fall on them. But we can be preparing for that role now, and cultivating a spirit of hospitality.

Some of the ways that we can help would include...

  • Help clean up the house beforehand. In our house, my parents have done a good job dividing up the work, but there is always more to do when company is coming over. Help out with those jobs! And, whether you are hosting or being hosted, help reclaim the living room and kitchen after the visit is over!
  • Help with supper- or, better yet, offer to make supper. Maybe your friends would even like to help. Some of my favorite memories with friends involve making pizza and bread together :).
  • Help keep an eye on the little ones -your families and your guests- so the parents have more time to connect. There can be a lot happening when you get 10 people 10 and under get together, and your Mom can't be everywhere at once and still have time to enjoy the visit with her friend.
  • Stay involved! It makes people feel special for your time to be put aside to simple enjoy being with them :). Smile, ask questions, invite them to do something with you. It can be a game -it can be the dishes. It really doesn't matter as long as they know that you are asking because you value their company!
  • Listen. This happens to be the one that I probably have the most trouble with. Lol! It can be hard, when we think of something exciting to share, to be wholeheartedly listening to what the other person is trying to relate, but it means soooo much to people when you really take an interest in the things that are important to them :).
Did you notice that every single one of those things could also be done for your family when other people aren't even in the picture? And  lot of it could also be done when you are at another person's house. Again, hospitality is having the heart of Christ to put others needs before our own, not who or when we do certain things :).

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