Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Any Questions for me? ✽ GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

As we've been going through this month, we've barely started scratching the surface of what is involved as you sell on Etsy. My posts have, for the most part, been things to get you thinking about what is involved, and though we dug pretty far down into some of it (SEO and filling out your listing, right ;)?), the topics are so large that it probably created more questions than it answered, didn't it? So, come this Saturday, I'd like to write a Q&A post, and add a few little things I meant to mention along the way that just never really fit with anything else or were big enough to put in their own blog post :). So, please! Let me know what Questions you may have for me, and I would be delighted to answer them!

And, what if you aren't and do not plan to become a seller? Please feel free to ask questions anyway about anything that interests you, about either what it's like to sell on Etsy, questions you have about my shop, or anything else!

And now....

It's time for that giveaway we mentioned at the beginning of the month :D!

Who wants this gorgeous, 8x10 wall canvas?! I thought that this canvas was a fitting one to use for my Write31 giveaway... because my first Write31 series was on Romans 12 :)!

One randomly picked winner will receive one canvas like the above, and will be USA only. The giveaway will run from tonight, the 25th, until Sunday, the 29th! I'll announce the winner Monday, and the winner will have 1 week to claim their item. If I do not hear from you by then, I will choose another winner.

Ready for the fun :)?!...

Follow (or let me know you already follow) Forget Not His Benefits, share this giveaway on your favorite social media, and then some bonus entries will open up, too; you can share on your blog, leave comments, or even purchase from Under The Tapestry, to get extra entries... and you can do multiple things each day to help you get even more entries :)!

...So go enter, and lets have fun :)!!!

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this giveaway, Bri!! I entered!! :)

    - Maddy |

  2. Aw, Thank YOU for entering, Maddy :D! It'll be fun to see who wins :)!!!


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