Thursday, October 5, 2017

Esty SEO ✽ Search Engine Optimization Part 2

These dresses are available from varius shops on Etsy -just look for "Crocheted Baby Dress" :). 

Once you know what keywords are the best for the range you want to aim for, you have to put those phrases where you can in your listing!  There are a few ways to put multiple titles in your listing name. They need separated in some way, and the most common ways of doing that are "Title - Title" and "Title, Title". I have also seen "Title/Title"... I haven't read that that is a good way to do it, but neither have I read it was a bad way to do it, and it doesn't seem to hurt those shops I've seen, so you could try it :). 

Take the keywords you decided to use in your listing name. It has to be those that will fit (you have 140 characters to make use of), and preferably the ones you think will give you the best benefits. Try to put the one that you think will bring the most results at the very beginning, because although Etsy will pull from all of your titles, the first listed will be the one they see as most important :).

For the sundress we talked about yesterday, I decided to use "Crocheted Newborn Dress, Crocheted Purple Baby Dress, Crocheted Baby Girl Dress, Crocheted Baby Summer Dress, Crocheted Newborn Girl Outfit” as the title. Those are the best ranking keywords that all fit together in the space I am given :).

After that, I would copy those and put the same things in my tag section. Tags can only be 20 characters long, so I'll have to take the word "crocheted" out of my tags to bring them down in size, and I'll put that word as it's own tag so that it can work alongside of any of the other tags if someone searches for "Crocheted -----".  This will give me the tags "Crocheted, Newborn Dress, Purple Baby Dress, Baby Girl Dress, Baby Summer Dress, Newborn Girl Outfit". You have the use of 13 tags, and this leaves us with 7 to use. For best results, you want to use all that you can, so you could add "Baby Girl Gift, Baby Shower Gift, Baby Girl Outfit, Coming Home Outfit, Baby Gifts"... and then I would add my team tag :). I'll share more about teams in another post. It's something you might want to consider!

The final thing you want to do is add as many of those keywords as you can to your description - but without being annoying to potential customers by repeating the exact same word over and over ;). The first three lines will be shown to people who look on google for something like your product, so that is the most important area! I might start my description for a purple and pink crocheted baby dres with a description something like this... "Are you looking for an adorable baby shower gift, or a coming home outfit for your little girl? This purple and pink crocheted sundress might be just the thing! Size newborn, this handmade summer dress makes a great baby gift for parents to be." No, it doesn't actually have my keyword phrases in it, but it DOES have every word included in my list of keywords to use within it's structure, and google will highlight those words that are included in which ever keyword phrase the searcher includes, so it works the same way :)! 

 If you have multiple listings that are similar but different, make use of the fact that you can then find 15 good keywords and give 3 listings 5 different titles! Some people even make two listing that are identical except for the title, so they can double their title character limit. This also helps you determine which keywords are working best for you, because if one identical listing gets seen more than the other, it's all in your keywords!

A special thanks to Ashley for letting me use some of the material I sent her last month in my blog posts the past couple of days! Have you checked out her shop, Ashley's Yarn Works :)? Which format of separating your titles do you find most visually appealing? How would you write the opening of a description for a baby dress such as we've talked about?

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