Thursday, October 26, 2017

Selling on Etsy ✽ Supplies to Keep on Hand


No matter what your craft of trade on Etsy, there are certain things that you are going to want to keep on hand at all times. Here's a beginner's list over what I think are indispensable items to help you get that streamlined "shop workspace" all ready for those orders that tend to really pick up come December :)!

-A computer. As an online store, you are going to need a computer (with internet access). And a charging cord that works. Mine was out of commission the other day and I almost panicked, haha. But Daddy is awesome, he just bent the wire back into place, and it's good as new :)!
-A good camera. When pictures are so hard to take for some of us anyway, you really want a good camera! A lot of people find that their Iphone works just great... but if it takes nothing better than fuzzy pictures, you'll want something else. Remember, photos can make it or break it!
-A photo editing site. I have photoshop, but you can use something like PicMonkey, as well. Just something to crop and lighten up your photos when needed :).
-A letter scale. Because it's sooooo much nicer to ship from Etsy's site!
-A USPS online account. If you want to mail from home (which is so convenient!), you'll want to sign up right away!
-A printer. To print your packing slip and/or your shipping labels.
-All the boxes or bubble mailers you will need for your various items you sell. Keep a supply on hand, and think through what would be the best way to send your product cheaply and safely. I use boxes for my canvases, bubble mailers for my scarves, and smaller envelopes for my bookmarks.
-Packing material. Bubble wrap, paper, bubble "pillows", whatever you need to keep your product safe! If you have breakable items, it is suggested that you actually pay for the fragile sticker the post office gives you.
-Shipping labels, if you plan on using those rather than printer paper :).
-Do you plan on sending thank you cards in your orders? Make sure you have a pack on hand!
 -Are you going to include a gift, or a coupon or reward card? Keep several with your packaging items, so you don't have to hunt them up all the time!
-Scissors, packing tape, pens, paper, business cards, etc. If you want to decorate your packaged items, keep the ribbon, string, tissue paper, or whatever it is on hand too. And can I suggest you keep as much of the stuff together as you can? You can literally spend half of your packaging time finding things if you don't have them together!
-All the product or supplies you need to have a thriving, filled up shop :)! While that will look different for every one, don't forget that it's important. It's really stressful to have a order due to go out quickly, that you have to run to the store before you can make or package it!

What do you find you use the most for your shop? What would you add to the list above :)?

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  1. This totally works for an eBay seller, too! Awesome tips, thanks friend <3 :)


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