Sunday, October 22, 2017

My Favorite Etsy Craft Supply Shops ✽ Reviews on Some of the Shops of Etsy

Today I want to tell you about some Etsy shops I have ordered from :)! I might sell on Etsy... but even a seller has a need to buy from Etsy :)! Maybe you want something you can't make, or you need a pattern or craft supplies that you can't find in just any store, and you want to support a fellow Etsian. These shops have been wonderful to purchase from, and especially if you are a crocheter (most of what I bought has been patterns, haha), you might want to check them out too :)!

Coco and Cocoa - I ordered a hat pattern from Julie's shop CocoCocoa earlier this year. The pattern was well written, easy to use, and the finished product was fun. I was concerned when I asked her if I might use the pattern to create some hats for my shop and she didn't answer. I left her a review after I finished the hat, and mentioned in passing that I had asked a question and not heard back from her. As soon as she saw my review, she contacted me to let me know that she never saw my question, and wasn't ignoring it. This would be easy to happen with all the orders she gets selling digital items, and she was apologetic and kind as she answered my question, so I was more than happy to give her a 5 star review! She has some mittens that went with the hat that I just may go back and get sometime!

Elena's Times - Do y'all remember me saying I made an adorable giraffe for Noah for his birthday and he hated it? Hahaha! He didn't like anything soft that day, it was hilarious and sad. But anyway, that was made from Elena's Times Giraffe pattern! This pattern was SO. MUCH. FUN. I want to take her pattern techniques and turn it into all kinds of other projects! The feet are all made separately... but then you start crocheting around the outside of all the legs, and most of it comes together as "one piece" from there. So symmetrical, and soooo much less sewing, taking off, sewing again... I might have loved It just a little bit, haha! It took less than three hours from start to clean up, too, so it was really nice, haha :). And her things are so cute, too. I like accurate but cutesy crocheted animals :)...

Crochet Spot Patterns - I bought the little bunny pattern. I improvised the pattern a little bit, but this wasn't the patterns fault, but because I needed it to look a very specific way (I was making the bunny from Salina Yoon's "Found" book, because Peter loves the book so much). So, while I can't say that I totally used the pattern, it WAS the perfect starting point, and it was well worth my money. One word for the faint of heart: miniature crochet is just that; crocheting in miniature. Not getting through your project faster, haha. I expected it to take as long, since it was just smaller hook and yarn, not less stitching... but it actually took longer because it's so hard to work that small! So plan accordingly in your crocheting schedule ;). (Which I did not... but it worked out okay in the end!)

KatiDCreations - I bought the peacock pattern. And y'all. I loved it. I made the feather pattern and the background they go on, and then I put those with a baby set that I was making for a custom order, instead of making her headband and leaving it at that, because it was just so much fun to make it a big deal, haha!. It was a good bit of work, but it was the cutest little baby girl set I have ever made, even though I wasn't sure about the colors until I finished it, and I want to make another! I mean, look at it... haha...

I'm really thankful for KatiDCreations offering this pattern!

Bitsy Nest - A small craft trinket supply shop, there is a LOT listed here that you can't find in Hobby Lobby or Walmart! I wanted buttons to put on a towel dress, and couldn't find some I liked, so I came to Etsy and I was not disappointed! My buttons came quickly... and with a whole bag of assorted sample buttons! It was so much fun, and it's nice to have a large shop with unique things I can choose from, when wanting to make something that will start out :).

Which of these shops looks the most interesting to you? What is your favorite shop you've purchased from on Etsy? Do you know a little girl who might need a peacock photo shoot? Haha ;)...

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