Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Using Etsy Rank ✽ Some of the Keywords I Chose

When I first tried out Etsy Rank, I worked only on picking out keywords that had high engagement -and refused to use ones with unknown demand. That first try was rather a discouraging flop... haha :). No matter how good your keywords, you DO still have to stay lower in competition. I was still hoping I could go a little higher if my keywords were a little better... but, it was encouraging to know that the aim I've had for a few months now (2,000-15,000 results of competition) was right where I should have been. So I gave it one more try before I gave up, looking then for the right level competition and then giving highest attention to the ones that had okay results for demand and engagement.

My favorite part of this keyword search feature? It tell you the engagement that that keyword gets when used. The demand interested me at first, and I tried to go no lower than medium demand. But some of these keywords were good in other respects, and I'm getting more results using even low demand keywords than I was before, so I'm mainly focusing on staying under 15,000 competitor listings and a good engagement score (engagement would be views, likes, and purchases similar items have had). This means that buyers are actually interested in this keyword, which means that keyword is helpful in more than keeping my competitors manageable! Definitely the best part of this site!

Here are the stats of my current best seller:

Keep in mind, that is my *best seller* with grade B SEO and 62% visibility. I was pretty sure that I could do better using these tools, and I have had SEVERAL people convo me about changing the font on my canvases, which usually takes an hour or two of consultant time to peg down which one should be used, so I had already decided that I was going to offer a new listing with font customization for an additional fee. So I decided to set up a new listing, and leave my original as it was. This allowed me to compare the two, and also didn't modify my best selling listing. I'll create an identical-to-the-original listing later. It will cost an extra listing fee, rather than just changing the one I have now... but you never want to mess with your best seller too much. If you think something could make it better, just make a duplicate listing, JUST IN CASE you are wrong. You'll thank yourself! Plus, if you were right and the second gets way more attention, you can always just set the original to not automatically relist when it expires, and until it does expire, you have twice the chances of being found :).

Create your EtsyRank account, and the very first thing, at the top of the search bar, is the keyword tool. You type in keywords you are interested in, and all of the stats pop up...

A cloud of keywords used with that keyword, the number of listings with that keyword, the average likes, views, and price of those items, the demand, engagement, and competition level of that keyword. Along the sidebar is an explanation of what exactly those levels mean :).

Using this tool, I chose to use these keywords (results are rounded to the hundred near it)...

Personalized Quote Canvas (3,000 results, unknown demand, high engagement, medium competition)
Custom Canvas Sign (8,400 results, very low demand, high engagement, medium competition)
Personalized Word Canvas (2,100 results, low demand, high engagement, medium competition)
Customized Quote Gift Canvas (2,900 results, unknown demand, high engagement, medium competition)
Custom Gift (50,000+ results, medium demand, very high engagement, very high competition) (confession: I only used this one because no good keywords would fit in the space that I had left for my title... lol! It's really high and might give me no help, but it wasn't a waste since I couldn't use the space for anything more helpful.)

While the item itself is just my Custom Quote Canvas with customized font added, using EtsyRank to title and tag it, it is not graded B for SEO and 62% visibility, but grade *A*, and *90%* visibility! And has only been up for a day and a half, and has gotten a few views (this screenshot was taken earlier), which is a big improvement on something I would have posted last July, when even brand new listings didn't get much attention (although I've improved in my own SEO knowledge since then and things haven't been quite as bad... but they are still better using EtsyRank!)

Again, good keywords aren't all that matters. Once I'm done with editing the SEO of my listings, taking and editing photos will be a very big part of my life... haha. And I'm making sure to keep my shop active (updating announcements, editing these listings, occasionally posting or renewing, etc), so I know that has something to do with it. All in all, do I think that there are other shops doing way better than me? Undoubtedly! But I really think that this tool is going to help, and could help you too!

(There is a paid version of a site like this, "Marmalade", but I've not used it and don't really want to spend money on it when this is working... but I just wanted to let you know that :).)

What do you think EtsyRank's best feature is? Have you seen results from using a keyword tool? What quote would you want on a wall canvas ;)?


  1. Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo
    News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

    Appreciate it

    1. I'm sorry, this comment ended up in the wrong folder and I never saw it! But I can't give you any help, unfortunately... that isn't something I've researched yet. If I do, I'll do a post about it - and if you have learned something about it, maybe you could share with us :)!
      Blessings in Christ,


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