Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Abbi-girl!

Happy fifth birthday, Abigail :)!!!

Abbi is the very bouncy, mischievous, Abbi-tude member (with many names ;)...) of our family, with the biggest grin and the loudest voice, heeheehee :). She loves her role as a big sister, and talks often with excitement about the new baby :). She finds it great fun to get in the kitchen and help bake, and wants to be in on all the excitement :). She can tell some highly entertaining stories, let me tell ya', and she loves chocolate! She is a very extroverted and passionate little girl, something that I think will serve her well in many ways as she serves the Lord in the years to come!
I love you, Abbi :)! I am so thankful that the Lord placed you in our family :)...
Happy Birthday, Abbi! 

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