Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who Would Have Thought?!

Supper is cooking, the little ones are finishing cleaning their room, and I'm taking a little break from my current, self-imposed, "nothing but trip posts and Thankful Thursdays until trip posts are all posted" posting habit of late. I thought I'd share a tiny update, and a humorous removing "paint" tip I gained this afternoon. :)

Daddy left for a business meeting last Monday, and is arriving back on Friday. It is a disappointment that he had to leave again, seemingly just after we got here together, but we are looking forward to him getting back :). We're taking this time to finish some of the little things that are still waiting to be done from our move. Things like unpacking the miscellaneous box, and reorganizing the library shelves and the girl's room closet (and, like any other time we do any cleaning, folding laundry and cleaning our bedroom, haha ;)!).

Poor Peter did something to his little knee earlier, and we were afraid at first that it was sprained, but he is using it wonderfully at the moment, so either it was a very slight sprain or it was just such a bad bump it hurt longer than you'd think it should. Why does it always happen when Daddy is gone?! we are just thankful he is okay :).

While working in our room earlier, I was contemplating going to get some paint from our garage, and painting over the big white mark that has glared at me from my bed every night since we moved in (on the fourth, mind you). The spot has bothered me, but I never felt up to getting the paint out, finding the brushes (I'm not sure where they are!), and laying down plastic. So, I've left it. Today I was trying to decide whether I should paint and then do the closet, or just paint tomorrow. I was staring at it, and thought to myself, "That is the thinnest layer of paint I have ever seen! If they were going to use white instead of yellow, they could have at least made it thick so that it looked finished." I really thought it looked odd, so I brushed it with my finger. And realized that that said finger was now white. I got really excited :P, and ran for a wet rag. I started (gently!) rubbing the wall.

"Tori, come look at this!" I exclaimed in excitement.

She came and looked. "Great. Now all we have to do is keep it wet," she replied rather drily. Haha!

"It isn't because it's wet," I assured her. "Whatever is on here comes right off. Just- brushes off."

45 seconds later, the white splotch was gone. I don't know if it was chalk (that's what it felt like!), or what, but it's gone. (And, thanks to a magic eraser, so are the black marks from our vanity hitting the wall). 

And I waited a month and a half to get rid of the stuff.

So my painting tip just happens to be... make sure it really needs painted before you go through the work of painting.



  1. Haha! So I take it your enjoying your new home?

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  2. Yes we are :).
    I had actually already seen it, I just found the time to get the direct references for the verses I entered in the caption contests :).


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