Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday, Week 68, 69 and 70... Weeks 64, 65, 66, and 67 To Be Made Up For Later, Haha :P...

Heeheehee. Life has been busy! Very, very blessed! But very, very busy ;). And actually writing out my thankfulness for the blessing through the week is usually the first thing to go when life gets busy, although I hate that pattern. But I am happy to have a chance to get back into writing out all that I have to be thankful for the past month (plus some...)! Things like...
~That we didn't have to move ourselves.
~Car trips full of laughter...
~...And Rubik's cubes (which Tori and I solved, haha!)
~...And reading "Will Our Generation Speak?" by Grace Mally. Mommy bought me the book for my "car treat", and it was wonderful! It had a lot of food for thought.
~That we have all of our stuff from storage.
~The swing set outside.
~A large laundry room!
~Our large double story deck.
~Overall, all the large amounts of space ;).
~The green backyard.
~The squirrels, birds, butterflies, and even a humming bird, that visit that yard :).
~Baskets and rubbermaids.
~Peter's "charming" smile. The one were he sees you looking at him and slowly grins with one side of his mouth before it spreads all over his face... It's adorable :)...
~"Traditional" pictures...

~The gift basket that Daddy's employees sent us.
~The warm welcome we have received from Daddy's friends here.
~The welcome of our neighbors, as well :).
~The cup we found to replace Emmi's special one, after I melted the straw in the dishwasher :(. I felt so bad, I am so glad we found another!!!
~That we are almost unpacked.
~The King's Blooming Rose magazine, and Miss Sarah's switching our address such late notice :). This last issue was a blessing!
~To be caught up in my bible reading, haha. I had fallen really behind in the one year reading plan while reading through Romans and moving as well, oops... But I'm caught up now :). Actually, I am ahead, because Bethi dated the plan wrong, and I didn't realize until I was a week ahead ;).
~The help Daddy gave me making an order for a "customer" as good as possible.
~Yarn :)... and the pattern book that my dear friend gave me a couple years ago that I use on average every couple of months (thank you so much, K! I have gotten so much use out if it!)
~Friends who have blessed us with meals, before and after the move.
~Pens and pencils, paper, and all the other fun stuff that comes with writing letters to dear friends and family :).
~Family nights.
~"The Runner from Ravenshead". This movie was adorable, and went hand in hand with "Will Our Generation Speak?", that I had just finished reading when we watched it :).
~The girls room with all it's fun nook-and-cranny type architecture :). Plus all the storage space for books, toys, clothes, nicknacks... plus the special bedroom set that used to be Mommy's, that she is going to remodel to fit our room :).
~Our huge closet.
~The chest that Uncle Jerry made that we now own.
~The special quilt that Mommy's Grandma made her.
~Andrew's delight in finally sharing a room with Peter :).
~Home cooked meals! We missed these while moving ;).
~And the yummy grilled meals that Daddy has made us lately :).
~Baked oatmeal. Mommy made this several years ago, but none of us remembered what it tasted like. I made some a couple weeks ago, and it has become a favorite. The baked apple oatmeal is delicious, as well :)! Both recipes are from :).
~Accomplished projects.
~Tori's new haircut.

 ~How quickly we can mow here ;). I miss our SC yard in many ways (the garden probably looks pathetically uncared for right now... I miss working in it.), but it is surprising how quickly you can mow here, haha!
~I am also thankful for the friends that mowed our large yard back in SC for us about a week ago, no small feat, especially since they also have a large family!
~To be back into the six month bible reading that Katie and I have been doing (minus a few months to do a study of Romans ;).) since December last year ;).
~To be able to read the same version of the bible that the Pilgrims brought to America with them :). I am working through that, the Geneva version, now :).
~The gorgeous tea party that Tori invited me to the first of this month :).

~Getting to bake with Tori.
~The whistle of a tea kettle :).
~"Old-fashioned" cookbooks.
~Craft ideas.
~Beautiful tea sets that have been used during the making of several fun memories :).
~Our water filter
~The new air conditioner in our third story attic room!
~Beading supplies.
~"The Lost Medallion". This was another really good movie, although it might be a good idea to screen it before letting little ones watch it (which we didn't know at first, haha! All ended well :).)
~Daddy's suggestion (and help in the accomplishing) of making a double-marker tatted bookmark. He was as thrilled as I was when it went very well on the Hidden Treasures auction. Haha! I was shocked!
~Peter's love for cookies.... he was adorable yesterday (and slightly whiny, hahaha!). His little pout face as he tried to reach a spoon to eat it with, haha... it was hard to tell him no more...
~And Peter's little "mark it with a 'B'" motion he does when asking to play pat-a-cake :).
~To be posting a Thankful Thursday again :)...
~Our Ninja blender.
~The smell of a baby's fresh washed head, heehee :).
~Ministry opportunities. Daddy is working on setting up one that I am really excited about :)...
~All the tatting shuttle winding Bethi has been doing for me today :). Thanks Bethi!
~Tatting thread, which I am going to go use :)...


  1. How did you solve the rubix cube???? I have been trying to do that for forever!!
    Also, when we went yesterday to mow the lawn at your old house, I tried to pick as many weeds out of your poor garden as possible. You had several canolopes and some squash. There was a few tomatoes left, but not many. There was one cucumber that was ripe to!:) I just want to let you know so you don't feel too bad about it. :) We miss you!

  2. Oh, and I love Tori's new hair cut!

  3. There was a cheat sheet that Daddy found online, haha. We did all the work, but the sheet explains what needs to happen :). Mommy got it from here... :).
    And thank you again for the update on the garden :)... that blessed me so much to know that you guys did that for us :)!
    And I do, too :)...
    (Oh, and you were the privileged first commenter on "the new blog", thanks ;)!)


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11