Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A post full of Bethi!

Blogger is sending me error message after error message, but I refuse to let it stop me. And since I tried in desperation to type while my screen is watered out and Blogger says they don't know what I'm doing (blogging... um... duh.) or what issues I'm having (me either... oh, that's right, nothing but the error message!), and it worked, it should go fairly smoothly. I hope. But without anymore chit chat... here are some pictures with a bit of commentary from Bethi's birthday :)...

Bethi chose a yummy breakfast of french toast for her birthday. We don't make french toast much (Mommy said the other day that it will be odd when most of us are moved out of the house and she can start making french toast for breakfast without someone having to be standing at the stove for at least two hours ;)!). So when we have it, it's even more of a treat :)!

 After breakfast, Bethi and Daddy headed 
out for a special time together :)!

 I love this picture :). 

I hear they saw ducks...

 And held inch worms. Tori was glad she stayed home ;)

They also went out for lunch and stopped at the dollar store so that Bethi could get gifts for everyone- she buys gifts for others every birthday, she's so sweet :). 

While they were gone, we decorated the house, cleaned up, had our own lunch and ruined I mean made her birthday brownies. I didn't really ruin them (the edges were a little overdone though), but they did cook a little funny for an unknown reason, and I used special dark cocoa in them instead of regular cocoa, so they can out WAY darker than I am used to. I opened the door to check them, and about panicked at how burnt they looked because of the darker cocoa, haha! 

When they got home, we ushered her in with a  birthday song, and, after she and Daddy had cleaned up, she got to open her gifts and cards!

 Tori must have written something funny in her card ;). 

This gift was a cup, one of those tumblers with a straw. As she was unwrapping it, Mommy was calling out, "Something (the straw) could break in that, be careful, careful... how about you unwrap it upside down? No, don't set it down on the point..."... haha... 

Supplies for making a card set, with a flower press :)! While they were out Daddy helped her get some seeds, that they planted today, so she could grow flowers to use with the press :). 

Bethi's handing out gifts, Peter is first :)!
She and Daddy chose well, everyone was thrilled with their gifts :)! 
I love my new note cards, and Emmi especially talks about 
hers all.day.long. Haha :). They were some little grow-in-water fish :).  

Ready for dessert!

The candles were cool, the flames burned different colors :)!

This was funny! Andrew hadn't used a whipped cream spray can before... He was shaking it, shaking it, trying to get something out! Haha :). 

Cutie Peter :).

Daddy worked on our fan while we got ready for bed (it's actually doing some good being on now, yay!), and then we enjoyed family bible time... then Bethi kicked us out and stayed up to watch a movie with Mommy and Daddy while we got to sleep ;)!

The birthday girl :)...

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