Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to Bethani!!!!

Bethi is nine years old today :)! This is the last year she is in the single digits... she's getting so old!

Bethani is a joy to be around, and a great little sister :). She loves to draw, do crafts, and write, and has recently started working on her own little book, and has done so quite diligently! It's been funny, because as I've been watching her work on it,  I've realized that not only is the writing bug hitting her at about the same age it bit me... she appears to have the same "drama" flare, haha :).  She also *loves* babies, and enjoys it when she can get Josiah... the other day she snuck Josiah off the bed from where Mommy was changing him just to hand him to her to be fed, haha ;). She also loves to help out with the Hidden Treasures auctions when she is able! She's a blessing to our family, and today we're celebrating the gift of her, sooo....

Happy Birthday, Bethi :)!!!!

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