Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Books for Young Girls

After my post last night, I was asked for book suggestions for a younger aged girl that would be more on their level, while still stretching the mind and character :). These are some of the books that I have enjoyed, and think would be especially wonderful for girls ages 7-10, although older and younger girls would enjoy them as well, and boys would enjoy at least half of them too :)!  

Geoff and Janet Benge's Heroes of History books, "Chirstian Heroes: Then and Now". These are awesome history books, thorough enough that Mommy and I always learn something from them, but written in such a way that they really hold children's attention well. They are never too graphic for young readers, but always give an accurate description of the life of those they share about, and never hiding their faith in God, which is a big plus :)! 

"Making Bothers and Sisters Best Friends", by Sarah, Steven and Grace Mally. This is such a good book! Written by three siblings, who share stories from their life about their own relationships with their siblings, it gives biblical thoughts on why and how we should pursue relationships with our brothers and sisters :).  

"Little Susi's Stories", by Elizabeth Prentiss. Elizabeth Prentiss made it on the list again ;). She wrote three short stories, that have been compiled in one book: Little Susi's Six birthdays, Little Susi's Six Teachers, and Little Susi's Six Servants. Little Susi's Six Servants was probably my favorite when I read it several years ago, all about her "servants" (hands, feet, mouth, etc.), and how she could use them for good for others :). 

"Mary Jones and Her Bible", by Mary E. Rope. The story of a real girl, this is such an eye opening story!!! Mary Jones is a young Welsh girl who desperately wants to own her own bible, but as they are expensive when she is growing up, it seems impossible. She saves up for years, and eventually, through twists and turns, receives her bible with great joy! We take our bibles for granted, but for some people, that is not the case!
"Raising Daughters of Virtue", by Stacy McDonald. This is a wonderful study book that my Mom worked through with Tori and I when we were really little. I would suggest doing it with your daughter, not only to help their understanding as you go through it, but also to build memories that they will hold for many years to come (speaking from experience, here :)...). As the chapters are fairly short, this should be easy to do, especially if you already have a time set aside for read-alouds :). 
"The Bishop's Shadow" and it's sequel, "Theo, the Big Brother", by Ida Treadwell Thurston. I've heard that there is another third title in the series, but have not actually seen it to comfirm if it is a third book, or if the second book's title was changed later. These are just some of the most precious books!!! Boys would definitely enjoy these as much as girls, but it had to make it on this list because I value it so much! I wrote a review on the first one here, and my review on the second book can be found here.

"The Little Girl's Treasury", by Annie Brooks. A collection of short stories for girls, covering a quite large array of topics considering it's small size :). From stories of the influence a sister has on her younger brother, to how prayer kept a baby safe from a tiger, to using your time wisely, it includes a lesson in each story.
"Before You Meet Prince Charming", by Sarah Maxwell. My Mom would probably have read this book before giving it to me (or at least read it with me) when I was younger, because of the topic, but after reading the book, I don't think that there is any issue with giving this to younger age girls! It centers around the story of a young princess keeping herself pure for the man God will have her marry, and after each section of the story, gives practical insights on how the same principals apply to the lives of modern day princesses :).

"Basket of Flowers", by Christoph Von Schmid. Ohhh, this book. I don't know how it didn't make it in yesterday's list! (Because I was only writing ten... truthfully, I think I came up with another ten right after posting it, haha!). This book is such a sweet story about a gardener and his daughter who is falsely accused of stealing from the countess. The gardener teaches so many stories while he and his daughter work with the flowers that he uses as his illistrations. This book is kind of old, so the language structure might be a bit difficult for new readers, but I don't think it's that big a deal :). I wrote a review on this book a couple years ago, that you can read here

"Amy and Her Brothers", by Sarah S. Baker. A story of four orphaned siblings, this story is one of true diligence and forgiveness as Amy and her brother Will provide for and pray for their wayward siblings, Harriet and Pick. With a happy ending, and many lessons, it was a wonderful book :).

The "Moody Family" series (total of eight books), by Sarah Maxwell. These books are such a great book on family unity and ministry :)! This fictional homeschool family is a great example of a family following the Lord in many different settings, as they witness to neighbors and family, work together, and experience normal life. Everybody loves these from Emmi to us older girls :)!

There are so many books out there that young children can read, but not learn from, but these are some of the books that our parents have carefully picked to train, and not just entertain, us we are younger. There are many others that I could mention... of course there is "Little Women", and the "Little House on the Prairie" series that I have fond memories of reading often when I was little, and so many others... but these should be some fun, lesser-known ones to get you started off with :)!

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