Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Top Ten Books for Young Ladies

My friend Katie tagged me on Facebook to share my top ten books that come to mind when I think of good books. While I was writing it out, I thought that I'd share it here, for those of you who may want to take a peek and aren't on facebook :). The Bible is, and will always be, the most important book in my life, especially the book of Romans, which I have special connections with after studying it with a friend (the one who tagged me, actually :)!), and the book of Ruth, which was the first study that I did with Mommy. I don't know why it took me so long to ask her to join us... I think that the conversations we had and the insights that we got to share back and forth, even when I didn't have time to talk to any of my friends who were studying it with us, will always be a very special memory that I will cherish :). But, after the bible, the ten that first came to mind while I was writing this list were...

"It's (Not That) Complicated", by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin. This was a wonderful book on keeping your heart pure for man that the Lord has for your husband, for being content if God's plan is not that you marry, and for preparing for life no matter where the Lord places you!

"Flower of the Family", by Elizabeth Prentiss. A fiction book, but so good! I greatly enjoyed this book about a young girl in a large family who, through the trials of this life, chooses to learn from them rather than despair. Think "Five Little Peppers" for older girls, how could it not be good ;)?

"The Hiding Place", or pretty much anything by Corrie ten Boom :)! Corrie is such an inspiration, she followed God through such unbearably hard situations, and yet still continued to hold on to her faith, to forgive others, and to share her Savior's love, even when it was all she had to share!

"Will Our Generation speak", by Grace Mally. This book was so convicting. There are so many people who have never heard the gospel, never known that God loves them. Can we sit by and watch as they continue in a life without God? Grace shares stories on how and why she witnesses, and gives practical tips on starting to share God's love yourself.

"Esther and Ruth", by Iain M. Duguid. I mentioned this book in my Thankful Thursday last week. You know I have a very high opinion of it ;)! I have never heard anyone write a commentary in quite the same way that Mr. Duguid does so on these books, but all of his thoughts are very well written and biblically based!

"Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors", by Voddie Baucham. this was another eye opening commentary on another often-told bible story! It tells how Joseph fits into the plan of salvation, and not simply how you can use him to teach children not to brag to their siblings ;).

"One Thing I Desire", by Sarah Bryant. I read this book about four months ago. It was *such* an encouragement! A book on why we should thirsty for the word of God, practical ideas on how to study it, and the blessings that can be seen when we fill our minds with God's plan and abide by it!

"Stepping Heavenward", another book by Elizabeth Prentiss :). I love her books, haha :). Written in journal-style, it follows the life of a woman through her life from her teenage years through her adulthood as she learns the ways of our God.

"No More Wasted Years", by Olivia Brodock. This was a really good book, and, being shorter and written in a easy-to-follow manner, I think it makes a great "beginners course" for those who may be curious at what fruitful stay-at-home daughter-ing is all about, or a wonderful refresher course for those who know what they believe, but feel the desire to have their resolve strengthened in times of second-guessing.

"Joyfully at Home", by Jasmine Baucham. This was a great book about many aspects of the christian young lady's role... in church, in family, at home, out of the home, while talking to young men or older ladies, relaxing or cleaning house :)!

There are sooooo many others that I could list, but maybe this list will spark your interest with at least one of the titles :). What are your favorite books?

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