Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happenings of the Week...

We have had a busy week, haha :)! Daddy got back on Monday -Yay!!!- and just about as soon as he did so we ran out the door to the Maxwell conference that was being held just six miles from our house. We drove four hours to their Savannah conference several years ago, we couldn't help but laugh when we found out how close they were going to be this time :). One of my friends met up with us while we were there, and Abbi may or may not have told her absolutely everything new under then sun that she could fit into thirty minutes of talking, haha! It was a blessing for us to make it, though. The sessions were wonderful, and, y'all! I met Penny!!!!

If you've been reading here for at least a year, I know you've heard about Penny... she's the little one from the orphanage we help with the auctions for who I fell in love with two years ago :). The family who adopted her, just in time for her to be the 1,000 child brought home through Reece's Rainbow, lives in VA... and when we pulled into the parking lot of the church, Daddy *just happened* to park next to their car, and I looked over and saw Penny! I was beyond excited, haha! Mommy introduced herself, and we got to talk to them a bit :). 

We went to the church on Tuesday to talk to the pastor, we're going to try to help with some of the projects that need done around the church. After we got back home, we ran over to Miss Mary's, and then I may have gone a bit sewing crazy... and one of us proficient sewers may have been using the wrong sewing foot to sew with and wondered why themachine wouldn't run. But after that it went fairly well. Haha! I sewed up a nightgown and six towel dress tops within twenty four hours, although I didn't have the towels washed to finish the dresses up, so I'll probably do that this afternoon. 

And currently the little ones are quite obsessed with Dolphins after watching "DolphinTale", which has some really odd theology, but other than that is a sweet movie... haha :). For proof:

Peter, holding a dolphin, sitting on a dolphin, 
reading about dolphins. Heehee!

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