Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday, Week 128

This week I can be especially grateful for...

~Daddy's safe trip.
~The conference we were able to attend.
~Getting to meet Penny there :)...
~Lots and lots of sewing.
~Cinnamon rolls.. and coffee.. together. Yum!
~Chocolate... and coffee... together... hahaha ;)! And yet I'm not a coffee addict? Ya, I'm pretty sure I'm a bit more than the quiz I took assumed... haha!
~All the ways my family made my birthday special :).
~A book on Ephesians. This is from the same series that the "Esther and Ruth" commentary came from, I can not wait to read it :)!
~Josiah's sweet babbling.
~Peter's "Ribbit" and "Meow". Ribbit is a toy frog. Meow is a toy snake. No clue. I find it hilarious that the boy is now carrying reptiles with him where ever he goes, though. Haha!
~A Proverbs study guide that I've been using as we go through Proverbs :).
~The wonderfully pleasant almost fall feeling day the other day... I love fall!!!
~Late summer butterflies.
~Watching leaves fall and birds playing outside our window.
~The hilarious phrase "Mommy, can we finish "Up"?. They mean the movie, but Mommy invariably asks "Finish up what?...". Haha!
~Squishy baby snuggles :).
~Josiah's starting to reach for us when we go to take him from someone or pick him up. Looove it :)!
~Peter and Josiah playing together on the floor. I love to watch them together!
~A colorful pile of yarn waiting for me.
~Emmi's chatter beside m in bed
~Tables turned... watching an unusually calm Abbi listen to an uncommonly goofy Tori last night... that was hilarious!

What blessings has the Lord given to you lately :)?

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"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11