Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Day, 2014

A certain friend told me that I don't post pictures anymore, and that she expected to see a Christmas post no matter if it was short. So here I am, and I promise to share more pictures again! Heehee!

We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before we enjoy our breakfast cinnamon rolls every Christmas :).

Gorgeous Tori!

 Pretty Bethi :)!

 Josiah eager to get someone else's gift open ;).

 Peter has done this puzzle (and another like it) countless times in the past three weeks!!!

 Josiah was especially interested in the straw out of the cup Bethi has had for months... heehee ;).

 I made the girls Frozen hats... Emmi's was especially fun with all the edgings :).

 Tori asked for Toothless... and I was more than happy to make it, because I wanted to make it up sooooo bad, haha :)! I used this pattern, and it was soooo much fun :)!!!! There are a lot of fun techniques, the toes were especially enjoyable :). 

I shortened the ears and changed up the shape of the head... but it was the most fun I have had working on a patterned project for a while :).

And this tutorial for microwaveable bowl covers was awesome! I figured it out without help from Mama, which is impressive, and good, since they were for her, haha ;).

 Josiah, A.K.A. Seaweed's thoughts on his fish hat... lol...

 Love. this. picture. Hahaha! Telling Tori not to take his picture again, lol!

 So, my hands are always cold, and Tori was complaining about it one day, and I told her if she had an issue with it, she needed to buy me hand warmers. Haha! Daddy took it upon himself to do so ;). I need it right now... lol...

 Tori loves and excels at music, so this was perfect for her :).

 Peter and his "baby Olaf". "He's Olaf's dad!" :).

 He is also a knight...

 While Josiah is the dragon that Andrew and Peter are to train rather than conquer, haha :).


 Love this picture :)...

 The younger girls in their matching shirts :).

Daddy was very right when he said the boys would love this race track, haha :)!

Princess Emmi the waiter :).


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11