Saturday, January 17, 2015

I think I'll have to "eat" my words...

I have told people many times that "I don't like any cake, except some chocolatey cakes, and only if they are done right". In my mind I was thinking of a chocolate cake or the gingerbread cake we make once a year as the only edible cakes out there, and only when they had chocolate frosting on them.


Tori gets out the dictionary this morning and her eyes fall upon the word cookies. I hear, "Cookies are cakes?!" from the kitchen, and I was like "What!?". She explained, "It says right here cookies are "a small flat or slightly raised cake"."

In my mind is running, "Oops. I can't say I don't like cakes. I love cookies..."

"Let's see what the definition of cake is... "A baked mixture of flour, eggs, milk, and sugar"", she announced. That would happen to fit the definition of brownies, cinnamon swirl bread, cinnamon rolls, and many other things. All of which I enjoy immensely.

In other words... I like more kinds of cake than the kinds I dislike. And I might want to know completely what a word includes before I say it's not high on my list of favorites. Haha!


  1. Haha! I had no idea that cookies are considered part of the cake family!

  2. That's very interesting! I never knew that!

  3. I know, isn't it odd?! I'm still trying to figure out the exact word for the kind of cake people usually think of when you say cake... because I really can't say I like that kind.. haha!


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