Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yes, we like cheese.

We went to the store the other day, and as we were checking out, our cashier had to go look at a younger cashier's register. While she was gone, he rang up our stuff for us, and came upon our cheese. (Mind you, we had went to stock up, haha!). He rings up a large block... "That's a lot of cheese."

Next were a couple of smaller but still large blocks of sharp cheese. "Y'all must like cheese," he continues. Then he picks up the block of Mozzarella cheese. "You guys must eat a LOT OF CHEESE!", he says in consternation. I nod my head and mention that we eat it ever day, as he spies bags of cheese sticks. "Oh my word, cheese STICKS?!" He gasps. I just laughed and nodded my head... and then he sees Mama throwing more items on the conveyor belt, and he asked "Um, is she with you?"

"Ya..." I answered.

"Oka- OHHHHHHHH! Okay..." he said, with a hint of understanding in his face as he noticed all the little ones around Mommy. It wasn't until then that I realized that he thought Tori and I, with two toddlers, were buying all that cheese, hahaha!

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