Friday, May 1, 2015

Bethi has reached the Double Digits :)!

Bethi-boo turned ten years old today :)!!! Though Daddy couldn't work his schedule out to be home all day, he was home this morning, and we enjoyed a special breakfast. Now Mama is taking her on a fun outing, and we'll do some more celebrating in a few days :).

The birthday girl in the kitchen this morning! For her breakfast, Bethi wanted homemade maple glazed donuts. Mama has talked for years about some donuts she used to love when she was little, but hasn't seen in years. My Aunt heard her talking about them, told her that these tasted just like them, and very sweetly made her some, with the help of Bethi and Andrew a while back. When Bethi was deciding what she wanted to have for breakfast, she thought these would be the perfect choice, and wanted to be able to help make them :). So, make them we did, and come out with about 3 and 1/2 times as many donuts as the recipe said we should?... Haha! We baked them in this cake pop maker that my Gramma gave us a couple years ago, it said it could be used for donuts holes as well, so we gave it a try. It worked perfectly :)!

 We had lots of helpers, and LOTS of donuts, haha! We never would have bought that many at one time, haha. Two batches many have been more than enough...

Peter's face says it all, haha. I may or may not have been experimenting up until like the last dozen as I baked them... haha. The little ones loved eating the "fishtails" off the donuts, haha... I kept overfilling the iron, and they thought the rings that resulted around the donutholes, looked like fishtails for some strange reason, haha. But I think it went rather well, and we had a great time together :). I would say Bethi's breakfast choice was a hit all around :).

Bethi is often attempting to take on big projects like these, and loves to do it with lots of people. Watching her in the kitchen as she stays relatively calm with multiple siblings younger than her around her, while letting them help her with something she herself has never done, is very inspiring to me, actually, haha :). I often find myself very impatient in like situations, but she handles it like a pro! She loves gardening and writing (one of her milestones for this past year was the launching of her own blog, "Gratefully His"!), and she loves to straighten the attic and the garage with Andrew during their free time! She has been diligently studying her bible lately, and it has been sweet to hear some of her insights into what she has read :). She can be blunt and goofy, but also loves to help those around her when she notices a need. I love you, Bethi :). Happy birthday!!!!!

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