Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thankful (Saturday), 05/23/15

~Our bedroom walls all nicely yellow again... haha. For a while now we have had little "snowflakes" in our room where Mama patched up the nail holes, because out of the four buckets of yellow paint in the garage, none of them were for our room, so Daddy had to take a paint chip in to get a new can, haha :). 
~Some furniture and a lawnmower gifted to us by one of daddy's employees.
~The "Anne of Green Gables" series :).
~Emmi's delight in her "comfiest, prettiest blanket ever". Spontaneously bursted forth as she wrapped herself in the blanket that she's had for six months now. Heehee :).
~Rain on the window panes :).
~Joni Earekson Tada's ministry. She is such a neat lady!
~Peanut butter.
~Josiah's widdle baby voice saying "Please" <3.
~All the sweet sunglass wearing faces that have been running around here lately :).
~The Mama bird that was out in our back yard this morning patiently teaching her little one (or two... I couldn't quite tell if I was seeing two different ones, or if it was just moving when my back was turned, haha!) to fly... I'm 99% sure it  was the one on the back of the house I mentioned a while back, I was thrilled they made it, given the past record around our house for bird's nests :P...
~The smell of banana bread all ready for breakfast tomorrow.
~All the many uses for quilling... I have had so much fun the past month, haha :)! And may be neglecting some of the crocheting projects I had already started, lol...
~Josiah "leading" the rocking horse that our neighbor gifted him with all around the house... he looks like a professional horse wrangler, haha!
~Bethi finding her plant bulbs she thought she'd lost, haha. She is so excited about putting in her own small garden :). She's been getting all her pots ready (customized...  fun :)!), and I can't wait to watch them come up :).

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