Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thankful Thursday, 05/28/15

This week my blessings have included...

~A special outing with Mama earlier this week :).
~A blessed smoothness in geometry. Algebra has been a pain lately, so opening the next math book and finding something more understandable made me the most excited I have ever been about math, haha!
~The little girls telling me all about the trip to the library they got to take with Mommy. They brought back a lot of *pink* books, it was hilarious!
~"Mildred at Roselands", by Martha Finley.
~Tori's delight over her new sketchbook. Annnnd, it's already started its long career of public life on her blog Sketching Dreams, haha!
~An old, sturdy, metal sewing machine from our neighbor :)!
~My new adorable owl cup :).
~Psalm 51 :).
~Josiah's fascination with the optic wands "somebody" left in a bag hanging on our door. Yes, I had to look up what they were called. And yes, I find them rather intriguing myself.
~Getting to chat with my Aunt this past week :)!
~Tori's finally finding a book she had been looking for! Libraries and bookstores do not sell many classics it seems :P...
~Designs. You know, like when someone takes random circles and swirls of color and makes something gorgeous out of it... haha. That may be one of my favorite forms of artwork...
~The lavender colored dry erase board Mama got for our room :). It's something I had actually been thinking about getting/making, although I hadn't mentioned it to her yet! That was a fun little surprise :).
Rejoicing in hope,
Bri :)

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