Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A113 ✽ Chocolate Ice Cream

So, yesterday Daddy and I ran allllllll over trying to get me an I.D. card. Who knew that waiting to get your license until after you graduated could cause so many issues :P? Since I was homeschooled, I don't have a school I.D.; since I'm not attending college, I don't have one of those, either. Since I'm over eighteen, but didn't have an I.D., I couldn't open a savings account, get a job, a passport, or other proofs of residency to get an I.D.... It was a mess, haha! We ran all over trying stuff and getting papers, ending up in line at the DMV 3 times (third times the charm!). The supervisor finally allowed us to use several documents that we did have and pieced it together to sign off on my I.D., thankfully! So, now I have what I need to get a permit, savings account, etc. That's definitely a relief! Mama has vowed never to let another child graduate before they get their license, haha. When I decided that I was ready to start driving last year, we knew that we could be moving literally any time, but didn't know when, so I wanted to wait to take the test until we moved and I could take it just once... that almost turned into a disaster, but the Lord blessed us with people who were very helpful and it worked out :).Our ticket number the first time around was "A113" like the famous Pixar easter egg, which I thought was just fun, haha :). I wanted to bring it home to show Tori, but when Daddy set it down to pull out his card, the guy threw it away, and I didn't want to ask him to fish it back out of the trash can, lol...

And does anyone else like their chocolate ice cream only if it's mixed with some milk to make it a milkshake consistency?! Tori laughs at me, because I complain that chocolate ice cream melts too fast, so I put milk in it and stir it all up. She told me it's practically purposefully melting it. But I don't mind the taste of chocolate ice cream; it's the consistency of melted ice cream. If it's just melted ice cream, it's liquid with firmer chunks in it; if you make it into a milkshake, it might be softer overall, but at least it's smooth. I don't see how this solution goes against my complaints ;).

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