Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crocheted Hammer Applique

Don't you just hate it when a Pinterest idea you're really excited about dead-ends? Haha :). Early this year, I was making a baby hat for my newest step cousin, and wanted to make a little hammer to put on it like I had seen on Pinterest. But all of the "patterns" lead back to the same prepaid pattern set. I didn't want to pay for the whole set to use only this one. So, I decided to make my own. It took some trial and error, and it didn't turn out quite like the one I had seen. But it was a lot of fun to create it myself, and I think it did turn out well :). I've been meaning to share it for a while... but y'all know how my intentions usually turn out ;).

You'll need a  
Crochet hook of your choice (bigger the hook, bigger/looser the applique)
Brown yarn
Gray yarn

This pattern is worked on both side of the chain for the hammer handle, and back and forth for the head.

Chain 8 in brown.
Second chain from hook, sc; sc in next st; 3hdc in next 2 st; 3dc in next st;
Other side, hdc in first 3 st; sc in next 4 st.
Sc 7 st; 2sc in next 2 st; sc to end;
Sc around once more; fasten off.

Join gray at top; slip st two across; chain 1, turn
Sc two across, chain 1, turn. Repeat for three rows.
Chain six; turn; dc in 2nd chain from hook and across
Sc in last st; chain 2; hdc in first st on side; 2dc in next st; hdc in next st; sl st in next
Chain 1; turn; sc in first five; sl st in next; hdc; dc; hdc; sl st next five; fasten off.

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