Monday, August 29, 2016


Happy birthday!!!!!!

Abbi is eight years old today :)!!! She had a very full day planned, with lots of food, and a lot of shopping with Daddy, haha :). When we found out we were moving from VA, Abbi was sad that we were leaving behind Five Below. She had first went to the store when a friend took her for her birthday last year, and she has talked about it constantly since then! During our house hunting trip, we discovered that one had recently been put in here! So that was definitely on Abbi's list today, haha :).

Abbi is very sparkly, or, in her terms, "colorful". It was cute, because she and Emmi got Mama cards for her birthday... Emmi's had sweets on it, and Abbi's sparkles. Today, Abbi brought back a coloring book for her, and one for Emmi, and Mama leaned over and whispered to me, "Once again, Abbi's is sparkles and Emmi's is food...". Heehee :). We went outside the other day and I helped Abbi and Emmi put glitter on some pictures for our Aunts, which was fun :). My Aunts used to do that with me all the time, and so it was nostalgic and yet a little different to be doing it for them, but not with them, and as the responsible person, hahaha ;). (The responsibility factor was why we were outside; my aunts were brave, I'm not; the deck looks as gorgeous as their pictures now, hahaha!) Abbi also recently discovered that she's a very good artist. We've seen it for a while now, but it was definitely confirmed a few weeks ago when she took especial care in her art because she wanted to see if maybe she could put it in the fair, heehee :).

Many people say that Abbi has a "mischievous twinkle", and her grin is adorable (and Noah seems to have inherited it) :). She's very passionate about pretty much everything, and loves people- and frogs. It didn't take our pastor in VA long to figure that out... she even talked about them in children's church, haha :). She got her first bible this year, and it's sweet to see her bring it to family bible time and read along :). The other day she even learned how to read a bible reference and then find it :)! She was so excited!

Happy birthday, Abbi! I love you, sweetie!!!!

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