Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mama and Daddy :)!!!

The Lord has blessed me so much through my parents! They have loved me, trained me, and guided me to the Lord, and I love them so much! They have followed the Lord in tough decisions, and constantly seek His will for our family. They have always done all they could for me, and yet taught me how to do things for myself as well. Now that I am older, and looking at where the Lord wants me now, they are still right alongside supporting and encouraging me. Mama has done endless research trying to help me find ways that I could work with special needs children, and every time Daddy meets someone at his store that talks to him about their own work ministering to these families, he takes note or gets leads and shares them with me. They both encourage me in my craft work; Mama is my biggest inspiration for new items, and Daddy is my best critic, constantly working with me so that everything I do is the best it can be. They find ways to lead our family in learning the Word, and frequently ask about our personal bible studies and give us ideas to take it further.
Daddy is awesome at looking at a situation and knowing how it needs to be fixed, even if it's something like taking the washer apart to fix something he's never worked on before. The employees at his new store are astonished at his variety of skills and how much he can accomplish in a short amount of time, haha :). He pretty much knows the answer to anything you want to know, and he'll change up the way he explain it as many times as you need for it to "click".
Mama is constantly giving to others. She keeps up with the house and all of us, and still takes time to make every holiday, birthday, or family outing a memorable treat. She loves to bless people with food, she patiently listens to all our problems and joys, and is my go-to editor when I write anything important, because her eye for detail and how something will be taken are the best :).
Happy birthday, Mama and Daddy :)!!! I love you, so very much!

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