Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Perfection ✽ Picture Buddy

This is how my siblings play the game Perfection:
Josiah: "Can we play this?"
Me: "Sure, after we clean up."
Everybody: *cleans up and sits down with the game on our living room floor*
Andrew: *turns on timer*
Josiah: "NO!!!! It might pop!!!!" *turns off timer*
Josiah: *jabs a piece at about five random spots, asks me to put it where it goes, all the while with his left hand over the starter button so Andrew can't turn it on*
Peter: *systematically puts one in at a time*
Everybody else: *grabs pieces and throws them where they go like birds of prey*
Josiah: "NOW turn it on."
Andrew and Josiah: *try to beat each other at turning it on*
Everybody else: *throws hand over the gameboard* "Bri, put your hand over it! Come on, before it pops! Bri, hurry!!!!"
Me: *puts my hand over their hands*
Peter: *covers eyes*
Everybody: *waits*
Gameboard: POP!
Everybody: *Squeals* "We made all but (insert number) stay in with our hands! Let's play it again!!!!!"
Andrew: *turns on timer*
Josiah: "DON'T TURN IT ON." *click*
And repeat, haha :).

I was taking some pictures of recent projects earlier, and Noah was just soooooo cute rolling around on my bed that I had to share some pictures with you :). He's five months old now, it's so hard to believe!!!! 

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