Friday, October 20, 2017

4 of My Favorite Etsy Shops ✽ Goodies From Other Sellers!

Buzz Party Co. I know the sweet lady who runs this shop personally, and I can guarantee you that she puts heart, care, and creativity into each of the items that she makes! And they are just so cute! Perfectly put together party supplies, all full assembled for you? Who doesn't love that! Robots, Adventure themes, party favors, banners, table toppers, cake toppers, and all the goods to set up your own party are all available singly if you need the perfect piece to finish of something you've put together, or you can buy the whole theme for an easy and beautiful party!

The Heritage Card Box. I can't decide if my favorite part about this shop is that it's run by three generations, or because the cards are simple gorgeous!!! I mean, have you tried to design cards before? It takes a whole lot of creativity for them to both be pretty AND unique. And the colors. And the variety. And the paper. I have a thing for stationary, so yeah. And I've talked to Kinslea a couple times, and she's very sweet, so I'm sure any orders from her would end up being a delight!

Charming Treasures Co. I'm not usually one for much food jewelry. While they are cute on little girls, I feel like they are cheap and goofy on me... haha. BUT, I don't think that would be an issue with these! I mean, they are so cute and realistic. The brownies and waffles are my favorite single items...but look at her food friendship necklaces!!! How cute!!!!! And also, she takes pictures on pink sparkly paper. That is an adorable perk to presentation, if you ask me. This is one of those shops I follow on Instagram for eye candy, haha :).

Good Neighbors Candle Shop. This store isn't quite as big as it was when I first found it, but it's still a delightful little stop! She used to have candles in teacups, and a hot chocolate mug candle... I'm kind of hopeful she's just working on her listings right now, because I wanted a hot chocolate mug, haha! But I know personally that these candles smell DELICIOUS and burn really well. She did an adoption fundraiser candle one time (which is how I found her of course... haha! This was before I sold on Etsy myself), and Mama got me the Christmas Cabin scent from her fundraiser option, and literally, it is one of the best smelling Christmas candles I've every smelled, I love it so much! Her candles are done up to be good party props or favors, which is an added bonus :)!

What are your favorite shops on Etsy :)? Did you visit these shops? Which one from my list did you like best :)?!

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