Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Selling on Etsy ✽ With a Smile

Somewhere in between coming home from your family house hunting out-of-state to find you need to make 22 bookmarks in two days, the customer changing their mind three times on a custom order, getting no orders for a month and then several *custom* orders in less than a week, the usual designing, creating, listing, sharing, finding the best keywords, and grimacing at the camera yet again, you do get plenty of enjoyment out of selling on Etsy. It's uphill work most of the time, I won't lie... but you get your share of encouragement that it's worth it!

I thought I'd do just a "short" (or, not technical, haha) post today, sharing some of my favorite moments selling on Etsy :). So, without further ado, some of the best moments I've gotten from selling on Etsy have been...

-That first time order, that was so exciting to me just starting out!
-When someone leaves a review and you realize that other people love what you've made and you've made their life a little brighter. It's just so awesome!
-Learning that my double string bookmarks were going to be given out to a bible study group. I thought that was really sweet, and it helped the fact that my eyes were burning ones I was done, hahaha!
-Last year I had a mom buy a turkey hat for her preemie baby boy's first Thanksgiving <3. It was precious!
-The satisfaction of working with a customer to create a perfectly custom item as a gift, and their excitement over getting to give it. 
-Running my first giveaway earlier this year, thanks to Maddy, and all of the sweet encouraging comments people shared about my crafts!
-Getting an order for canvases that were going to be hung up in a special education classroom. How neat is that, given that I love to work with people with special needs <3?!
-Seeing little babies wearing the baby sets I've made. Do you know how nice it is to see something you've worked hours on improved on by the sweetness of a little being made in the image of God? I love it!
-Making up a canvas with gorgeous colors and my favorite fall quote, and Mama falling in love with it. Y'all are too late, it's hanging up in the living room now, hahaha! But I can make one to order if you like ;)...

Also, Etsy has played some shenanigans that have made me laugh...

Etsy Stats Announcement one morning: "These stats will not be displayed accurately until 1696 12:00 a.m. EST."
Thanks for that heads up Etsy (???)

Etsy: "Your customers have also looked for origami necklaces! Maybe you could add these to your shop to widen your sales!"
Does anyone remember the story of the frantically texting teen and the very bored tweens? Well, yeah. My customer's are just going to have to go somewhere else, because the time it takes me to do those projects would make this medium of art expensive for me to sell ;).

Etsy usually: "Good (morning, afternoon, evening, etc), Bri!"
Etsy when I checked it at 1:15 in the morning one night: "Hello, Bri."
I guess the wee sma's have no name to to be "Good (anything)ed" with, ha...

Oh, and there was the time the creativity I use in my crafting took over while I slept, and I find myself very vividly counting stitches and re-brainstorming the design of some crocheted doll headphones in my sleep, haha!

What is your favorite part about selling on Etsy? Favorite moment? Has anyone ever sent you a picture of your items put up in their home or in use :)?

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