Thursday, July 28, 2016

A New Home

The fourth of June was an exciting day for all of us. Not only were we moving in, everything had happened so quickly that we children hadn't even seen the inside of the house yet! It's still amazing to me how the Lord worked it out, and certainly showed his hand in the whole thing! Also, we've already been blessed by our landlord. He had to fix the sink disposal a couple weeks after we moved in, and when he got here he spent the whole time he was fixing it talking to Daddy and asking about our family. He told Daddy that he's been a christian for several years now, and always wanted more children. When he was done with the sink, he told Daddy he'd be right back, and then went to the store and got us some fresh fruit- and a lot of it. It was so sweet!

As soon as we got here- our new home!- Mama lead everyone on a tour before the house got too full and we'd be in the way of the guys unloading the truck. It was nice to finally see all the spots that Mama had been talking about for the past month, haha :). Then we headed out to pick up some groceries (and get Josiah and Abbi out of the hallways, haha!). When we got back, Mama started cleaning the kitchen, and I took the two little boys into the pantry to "clean the walls" - a.k.a., once again, to get them out of the path of moving furniture, haha! They were too cute "cleaning" the wall with a couple of baby wipes. Peter spelled his name with the damp cloth of the wall, and he and Josiah vied with each other over my attention and who could jump and hit the wall the highest, haha :). They might not have helped too much, but it was certainly more entertaining than it would have been otherwise! Especially since that pantry was a mess! I think the last child who lived in the house must have thought he was a monkey, because there were what looked like crayon marks COVERING the wall, all the way up to the ceiling!

Everything was unloaded in double quick time, and then the house was really ours. Ours to unpack, as well ;). Haha! We were just settling down and deciding to think about supper when the doorbell rang.

We had no idea who it could be, and Daddy went and answered it. In walked Aunt Amber and Aunt Tessa, with a cake and a decorative wreath that Aunt Amber had made, and a "Welcome home!". We had no idea they were coming, it was such a pleasant surprise :)! We gave them a tour of the house and the yard (which is really nice!!!), and then they went out for supper with us. It was so awesome to have family just "drop in". That's kind of hard to do six hours away, but we've already seen various members of our extended family several times in the five weeks we've been here, which is just a joy to my heart. I've missed this closeness so much while we've been in Virginia! They hadn't even decided that they were going to come over until that morning, but I'm so glad that they did, because it just made it feel official that we were home :).

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