Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flower Tale

Years ago I compiled some pages of poetry and stories that centered around flowers, and then Tori and I each wrote something to include in it. I don't know where those pages have gone (probably in the trash... despite how bad my writings were back then, I often wish I hadn't thrown so many away now, because I know I'd get a laugh from reading them now!), but I posted our ten- and six-year-old writings on my blog at that time:

"Roses" by Bri
Roses are pretty things;
Some white, Some pink,
Maybe some blue. They smell so good
And look so good too!
I love roses. Don't you?

"My Little Flower" by Tori
I picked a little yellow flower
Just yesterday,
so it is very new.
it is very pretty too!
And I like, it wouldn't you?

That little booklet was titled "Flower Tales", and if this experience had happened at that point in time, it most definitely would have been included...  

That Friday morning, we packed up the hotel and got in the car to head back home. This sounds simple, but, believe me, it takes a while, haha! As we finished, Mama watched an older couple bring their one load of suitcases out, thrown them in the trunk, and drive away, and she's like, "Just think. That will be us one day. Someday we've not going to have all these people to pack for. That's going to be strange." Daddy answered, "Dear, that's never going to happen. You're never going to want to go anywhere unless we're doing something with the grandchildren." Hahaha! We pulled out of the parking lot, and Daddy called his mama to let her know we were on the way. He took a curve, and all of the sudden there were frantic whispers of "The plant. Were is the plant? Is it by you? Daddy! Daddy?!!!!"

Let me back up a moment. Several months ago, my Gramma shared on FB a picture of some flower pots decorated with handprints made into flowers, hinting she'd love one. So. Cue the "lets make one for both sets of grandparents" project. With so many people, so many hands, we decided some people's would be finger prints made into insects, some would be hand prints made into flowers, and we would use Noah's foot to make a bird. Cute idea in theory. Idea of terror to carry out. Suffice it to say that Noah's "footprint" became a squirrel on one of the pots. And Josiah asked if one of the ants was a pig.

So we made them with love, if not perfection. Bethi and I put some flowers in them, and they were loaded into the car to go with us. One was dropped off at Grandma and Grandpa's the first day. The other had to wait to go to Gramma and Papa Nate's that last day. During the week, we had been keeping it watered every night by pouring the water bottles that weren't finished but nobody wanted because nobody knew who's they were on it. And every time we would go anywhere, the pot would tip over. Multiple times. We were constantly repotting that thing with dirt from the van floor. So, when Daddy took that curve that Friday morning, Mama and Andrew instinctively reached down to catch the plant. But it wasn't there to catch. So we had to head back to the hotel, where we had left the pot on the sidewalk to let the water drain a bit before we put it back in the car. We were very relieved to find it wasn't smashed, because that's what we expected after all the trouble that thing had gotten into!

We finally got to hand it to Gramma (It's out of our haiiiiiiir!!!!) and get her awesome hugs! Noah was so fussy, but Papa Nate rocked him and he was so happy, it was cute :). After we visited for a while, we headed on to Granny's and Aunt Donna's. While we were getting ready to leave Aunt Donna's house, Daddy checked Mama's phone, and there were two texts waiting. One was for the first house, saying it was no longer available. The other was for the second house, letting us know that they excepted Daddy's offer. It was really neat how it worked out :). We stopped for coffee and milkshakes, depending on the person, to celebrate :). I got caffeinated... it was delicious. I usually drink decafe, and *always*, that late at night, but you know what, we had a long drive, so I could afford to stay awake, haha :). We got home at about 5 a.m. on Saturday, I think. I'm not even telling you how late I slept the next day... but it was too late considering we had birthday preparations to do for Bethi's birthday the next day. And as soon as her party was over, I found I had an order for 22 bookmarks, 21 of which I had to make, to fill in 24 hours. Yeah, it was a pretty crazy week, haha :). But it was really awesome to get to make those memories, and I'm still just amazed at how God worked out our getting this house :)!

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