Friday, July 29, 2016

A Surprising Detective

We went to Ihop for breakfast the next morning and did some shopping before we went to the house to get some cleaning done. Andrew threatened to get chicken nuggets for breakfast, but decided to get a stack of large pancakes. Mama has been reading the "Little House" books during our nightly read aloud, and we just finished "The Long Winter". When everyone gasped at Royal Wilder eating 21 pancakes, Mama told them that they were probably "about this size", as she showed with her fingers. "Probably about three times the size of the ones Andrew ate at Ihop". When you thought about it that way, nobody seemed to think it was that much anymore, haha. But, while Andrew did enjoy his pancakes, I actually heard him lamenting his choice later... "The only place I didn't get chicken nuggets was at Ihop..." he told me. Lol! Daddy set the washer up before we left for supper, although someone was supposed to come the next day to do it. It was nice to get the clothes going then, especially since the guys who were coming the next day to level it broke down and we ended up being an additional stop for someone else after his own shift!

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for supper. It's nice to be back home and just KNOW that those familiar, memory filled, homelike places are around, even when we're not there, haha. It was nice just to be sitting there, snuggling Noah and eating our favorite cheese sauce, laughing about chicken nuggets (which we hadn't even realized until this trip could be found on a Mexican menu) and just enjoying sharing our thoughts. Just walking across that parking lot was cozy feeling... haha.

The next day we worked on unpacking the kitchen, and Mama and Daddy went out to grab some items we needed. They brought supper back, and Josiah was disturbed by the toy in his kid's meal. He pulled it out, and I saw him look around like, "Is this normal?". Then the other little ones opened up theirs and got so excited, and I could see his face kind of go, "I guess I should be excited too?" And he started showing it to everybody and get excited, haha :). He and Peter got matching toys, and that was how we first discovered that Peter has a detective side to him.

Peter has always been one of those poetic, head-in-the-clouds people. When Tori asked Andrew why he had something in his box the other day, Andrew told her he hadn't put it there, and Peter piped up, "Maybe he was just looking up at the sky... thinking... and just picked it up and dropped it there without seeing...". And that pretty much sums up the way he goes through life. He's typically tender and comes up with the sweetest ideas or thoughts, but Josiah does notice more than he does usually.

So we were amazed to see how he handled the situation the next morning when he decided that he wanted his toy back that he had given to Josiah. Mama told him that he needed to get Josiah's first before he took his from him. Everybody pitched in to look for it, and Abbi found it and brought it to Mama. Mama called Peter and gave that one to him. Mind you, they are identical.

"I want mine," Peter told Mama.

We were kind of taken aback, and asked him, "How do you know that's not yours?!"

"I want mine, that's warm from Josiah's hand." *switches with Josiah* "See? It's warm because he has been holding it for a really long time."

Who would have thunk?!

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