Friday, July 29, 2016

150 Boxes of Books

While we may not have had that many books, I've mentally been calling them that after the mover's observation as the truck was being loaded up, haha :). As soon as we got the kitchen mostly unpacked (it was the most needed room of the house), we started unpacking books (they were the most numerous amount of space-taking, easily emptied boxes). Mama and I had to move the shelves before anything could go on them, and as Tori walked by, we heard "Deja vu", hahahaha :). (New readers may need to read this blog post to get why this comment threw us all into laughter ;). Thankfully there were no books on the shelves this time ;).)

The first box that I pulled pulled books out of had a book titled "After the Boxes are Unpacked". Kind of jumping ahead of things, but I thought it was funny :). What was even funnier was that the very LAST box I unpacked happened to hold a book titled "At Home in South Carolina", haha :). The first chance I got after the books were unloaded (which happened to be while snuggling a sleeping Noah, which made it even better!), I settled down with Jasmine Baucham's "Joyfully at Home". It's always an encouraging read! It was fun reading it this time, though, because she had her baby that week, and it was fun to see all the dreams she had that she was surrendering to the Lord... and now he's fulfilled those dreams in ways she couldn't see then :). Josiah lost no time in settling down to enjoy his own unearthed treasures, either. I found him playing with his beloved box of cars before I even knew that Andrew was unloading the toy boxes in his room, haha :).

Those first few days were interesting... Daddy was shopping for one day at a time, we were constantly moving boxes just to find boxes that we could actually unpack, and the days were so short, lol! At one point I decided that I NEEDED some solid food, so I decided to make myself a microwave egg. After I cracked it, I discovered the salt wasn't unpacked, or easily found, so I had a rather bland egg, lol. And I discovered I'm pretty needy when it comes to my afternoon snack.. I often eat popcorn (Mama has told me I'm addicted several times, lol...), but didn't have time to make it during that first week, and we didn't have any of the other "normal" treats (or ordinary nap times for the little ones to sneak them during... lol). At one point, I scrounged through the kitchen, and ended up walking out with a spoon of whipped cream and chocolate chips, and announced to the world, "We have none of the staples of life." Mama asked what staples were, and I informed her, "Steak or ice cream." Which even I find odd, because I rarely eat, and never crave, steak. Daddy came home bearing ice cream, which truly proves how much our parents take care of our needs AND our un-needed needs ;). I had Tori very disturbed a couple nights ago, though, because I was just laying there, thinking of ice cream (coffee, ice cream, popcorn, robust homemade meals (think: lasagna), and chocolate anything-but-bacon, those are my five food groups, not necessarily in any order ;)), and I just started laughing. When she asked what was going on, I told her, "I was just thinking of that first week here. WHAT made me eat cool whip with chocolate chips?!" It seemed so needed at the time... now, with our full pantry and fridge, it seems like the most unlikely thing for me to do, and I'm kind of surprised at myself that that even crossed my mind to substitute for ice cream, hahaha! Tori just kind of shook her head at me and went back to her book, haha! She's rather used to me by now ;).

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