Saturday, July 30, 2016

I'm Her Favorite Nephew...

We started noticing that a lot of our stuff seemed to be missing, and so Bethani and I went out to the garage one morning to see what was out there. We had been told that nothing else would fit in the house and leave us room to walk, so things had been left in the garage. We were also finding out that a lot of boxes had the strangest labels for what they held. We were finding laundry room items in the bedroom boxes, and other strange things. The most questionable was when I noticed that our kitchen corner baskets seemed to be missing. I couldn't find them, but knew they couldn't be in a box of their own, so I was worried how much else we might be needing space for in the kitchen that was rapidly filling up. While in the garage I found a box labelled "library baskets". I almost threw it to the side, because we didn't need them in the house, but I decided to open it just because I knew that the baskets wouldn't take as much space as the box, and we badly needed space, haha. I also figured, a box with two baskets in it wouldn't take long to unload. I opened it, and there, in the library box, that was in the garage, I found the kitchen baskets. Like, ?!?!?!?!?! How they ended up there (they had to have carried them upstairs for some strange reason and just thrown them in any available box when they realized they still had them?) we still aren't sure! I was hoping to find my stationary/cards and whatnot that day... five days in the new house and I had already thought of mailing three cards. As this box of cards was not found until this week (Daddy found it in the "printer" box!), I've discovered I'm bit obsessed with mailing letters.

While I was in the garage, Andrew and Tori were putting Mama's secretary back to rights. Tori found Mama's cards, and apparently discovered a card for a nephew (Mama has no idea where this thing came from, haha!). Later that afternoon, I sat down to read my bible, and tucked into the pages I was reading was a card with mama's handwriting. I thought that was unusual, but also really sweet, so I opened it right away.

Hard to see, but, "You're my favorite Nephew."


"And the 'mane' purpose of this card is to wish you a mighty fine birthday."


Notice no name.

And it isn't my birthday.

I knew this had to be the doing of Tori, especially when she came in and asked me about it with a grin, but she insisted Andrew had something to do with it. I'm still not quite sure how it went, but I do know that they both had a hand in it, lol. And they got Mama to write on it, to hide their trail (badly ;).) Tori tried to convince me that she foraged Mama's handwriting, and I started reminding her of all the reasons this was impossible... and somehow she took this as a reminder to myself, and she's still convinced that she made me believe her (and she has admitted she didn't). Lol! So, I've become her favorite nephew, which she reminds me of often, lol!

This little prank was payed back, though, when she realized I'd found more games in the garage, hahaha! She had unpacked the game/movie closet, and she was sure three boxes before the end that she couldn't get any more to fit (she did, nicely, though). Someone offered to finish it for her near the end, and she was like, "I have come too far to not finish it now! Everybody better be careful of this closet when I'm done. I've spent so much time with it, it's going to be like my baby", haha :). So when I brought in more movies, she got to work putting them away, and I hear "We have too many books! I MEAN GAMES. I MEAN MOVIES!!!! TOO MUCH EVERYTHING!!!", haha :). I thought it was funny since the movies were the only thing that Peter was sorry that anybody had to spent the time packing up ;).

Since our move in, we've been learning how to use the stove (come to find out the large burners also have a smaller burner size within them, and you have to make sure you've turned the knob to the right side, or eggs won't cook), cleaning and unpacking more and more boxes, helping Josiah put a Yoda (or, as he named him, "Soda") figurine's head back on (so. many. times. I was about ready to just glue it on by the time his own toys were unpacked and he gave it back to Tori), and wading through lots of packing paper, haha. The little ones spent a whole evening jumping in paper and building box houses... they turned the boxes upside down and crawled under them. But not until they had, as Emmi said "Made air holes". As she stabbed the poor box with a pen. Only Emmi would think of something like that at her age, haha ;).

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