Friday, October 21, 2016

Bumblebee blanket ✽ Six months old

IIIIIIII... finished Noah's baby blanket set last month :)!!!!

I figure it took about 4 & 1/2 balls of yarn and 40+ hours. Still, it seems ridiculous that it took seven and a half months. But considering we had a new baby in the house during that time, took a house hunting trip, moved, and had out-of-state company a couple times, I guess that it wasn't as bad as it felt... haha :). I loved making it, but there were times I just wanted to be looking BACK on making it ;). But I think it turned out really cute, and I'm so excited to have it completed :)!

The blanket is made using hexagon motifs made in two yellows and white. Then I had to slip stitch crochet alllll of those together... and THEN, the ends.

This doesn't do it justice. There where more than you see in this picture. Not to mention I'd already done some. Believe me. It took me three days to weave them in. Then I single crocheted 3 rows around the edge, making a 3sc increase in all the points in rows 1&3.

Then I used this pattern for the bees, in between freestyling the hat (because I was too lazy to look up standard baby hat sizes. Ehem. I've made enough, I just eyeball it at this point for hats, because I can't remember which number goes with which size, but I know that it's all 6 increases per row, so, whatever... haha...). I worked the hat along with the bees, because once you have the right number of stitches for circumference, it gets monotonous as you keep going for length ;). I also freestyled the bumblebee, because I didn't want to pay for the pattern, haha! Not being able to find what we want free AND cute at the same time is the main reason we crocheters create any pattern ;).

And speaking of blankets, Mama gave me one of those plush ones. You know, the soft and warm but still light blankets that make everything fuzzy and poetic feeling. I love soft textures. Socks, blankets, extra soft carpet. I search it out and bask in it. I've been stealing Mama's blanket (nicknamed "The Pooh Skin" for it's color and softness) and the one off of Andrew's bed for a couple years now, so I was excited. Haha... back on track

We took Noah's six month pictures with his blanket.... isn't he darling :D?!?!??!!

Noah crawls "right", and Tori was so delighted, because he's the first one to ever really do that. Daddy and I think Abbi did, but she didn't crawl for long. The other babies have all had a very unique crawl- Emmi's was HILARIOUS, because she wore skirts a lot, and got into the habit of hitching one foot forward and dragging the other behind her, haha :).

Mama thinks he's teething, and he's pulling up on EVERYTHING... I mean, he's starting to cruise, y'all. He is six (seven in a couple of days... How?!!!!) months old, and beginning to cruise. Just, stop Noah! Abbi was the youngest of us to walk at 8 1/2 months, but Peter was 11 months, so, we'll see where Noah falls. He's also learned what the word "flop" means, heehee :).

That puppy is the same one we took his pictures with when he was first born. Just look at how much he's grown!!!!

He tried some pumpkin pie on Andrew's birthday, and he really seemed to like it :). Much more than the ice last week ;). We're joking that he is "growing into" his hair... He still has as much of it, but as his head has grown, the amount is less startling, haha :). He's too sweet <3.

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