Friday, October 21, 2016

Exciting news ✽ Little cousin

Last August my Aunt Amber let us know that she and Uncle Jason are expecting a little blessing :)!!!! We are all so excited, and it's awesome that we live close again and get to be a part of this precious little gift's life :)!!! Last week, they threw a gender reveal party, and everybody came to learn who this precious little one will be...

And learned that Baby James will join the family next March :D!!! Now my mom's parents grandchildren are evenly split, 5 girls, 5 boys :). (As well, the youngest three will most likely have a March birthday, heehee :).)

We forgot to bring the camera and so we didn't get any pictures of the party... what are the odds that Mama and Daddy and I would all forget it at once?!?!?! Grrr... but it was a really sweet gathering. My aunt asked me to make that chalk sign, and then she made an adorable pumpkin and wreath to put on the door. My Aunt Tessa was given the honor of pulling the revealing outfit out of the bag, and everybody was thrilled to learn who the newest member will be! We did some baby crossword puzzles, and had a pizza party, finished off by my Aunt Tessa's famous cupcakes topped with little baby carriages :).

My aunt had a little jar of pumpkin candies sitting on her table when we walked in, and my dad and I thought that they were going to be for one of those "guess how many in the jar" games... when nobody else was in the room, he took it and started figuring out the approximate volume of the jar, haha... then he told me, "I wonder how close I am.... bring me a bowl, quick, while they are busy". Haha :). Of course he was joking, but I kind of wished that I'd let him cheat when I found out that she just had them out because they were cute, hahaha! That would have just been funny ;). We're so excited for this new blessing in the family :)!

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