Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mario birthday ✽ I have my permit!

Top plate is where everybody ELSE was throwing their Hershey's
Kisses wrappers.... those bottom two 
plates are where Peter was separating his wrappers by color
and then using a whole other plate for the little papers (which I
have heard are called nigglywigglies?). Soooooo Peter-like!!!!

After we went to the zoo, we stopped at Walmart to pick up some ice cream and a cake and other supplies for that evening. I took Tori and Bethi and Johanna in... We were soaking wet, mind you. And I'm known for being terribly bad at finding things in the store mind you (our out-of-state friend knew where she was going at least as well as me). And everybody was finding everything hilarious. We searched the store for most of our items, and then I went to the bakery, and tried to decide on what cake to get (I'd never tried any from here, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into. The one we ended up getting was good, but nowhere near as good as the one that Miss Mary used to bring to us in Va... haha!).

The girls were all standing beside me giving me advice, and then Johanna saw the candles. "I WANT TO GET YOU A BIRTHDAY CANDLE", she decided. "Which one should I get?"
"We have some at home...", I reminded her.
"I don't care, I want to buy you one. Do you want this one or HELLO KITTY, YOU WANT HELLO KITTY!!!!"
Everybody erupted with laughter, and I couldn't win. She just had to buy me a candle.

And then it happened. Tori saw the Mario candle, and that was that. They had to get me that one. She explained to Johanna, "You HAVE to get this one, it's soooooo funny, because Bri is sooooo bad at Mario!!!!", and then she told her about the two times I've played it and how bad I was... haha... Johanna couldn't pass it up either. She instantly picked it up and wouldn't put it down. At this point, the lady stocking the bakery stopped us and told us, "I just want to tell you, your laughter made me day!!!" And so many people told us that y'all. I was feeling very self-concious and slightly embarrassed and laughing way too hard by the time we left, lol.

We finally made it to the register, and we were paying, and they were still rolling with their joke. Our cashier asked us, "What's going on ladies?" And then everybody started talking at once, poor lady. And Tori told her, "And it's really funny, because she's SO bad at playing Mario!" And then this look came to her face, and she stepped back and whispered to me, "I just talked to someone. And it was to tell them that you are bad at Mario." Hahaha! In my defense, y'all, I didn't have my glasses when I played it, and my friends didn't tell me how it worked, they just expected me to figure it out. I mean, they didn't even let me know what car I was driving before they turned it on. Lol.

Annnnnnnnd, on the topic of driving, I got my permit last week :D!!!!!!! Isn't that a lovely thing to hear right after I made that confession about how bad I was at the game ;)? But hey, I didn't even get to finish my knowledge test, because as soon as you get 24 right, you pass and it cuts off :D!!! I was praying the whole time, and I missed a couple, but I errored on the side of cation each time, haha :). Daddy and Mama took me to practice in a couple church parking lots after a celebratory lunch, annnnnnd.... ahahhahhaaaa.... I'm not sure yet. It's about as hard as I was expecting. And just as scary. But I think there may be hope that I'll get it eventually, because by the last time around the parking lot, I was already feeling more comfortable with it, haha. But it is going to take so much getting used to, haha :). I am excited to have passed though. I was seriously terrified I'd fail... and Mama was like, "You've only been studying for years. I don't think you could have failed at this point...", haha!

While we were at Chick-fil-a, Daddy gave Noah some ice, and though he had loved the taste of apple slushie he got at the orchards recently, I'm not sure he was as thrilled with plain ice... haha :)...

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