Friday, October 28, 2016

Crochet projects ✽ Little turtle

I was able to use some of the extra yarn from Noah's baby blanket to make the MLP "Fluttershy" for Abbi last August. That was soooo much fun- I'm not sure if it was because it was a project that finished up quickly or if it was because of the bow, which was just TOO CUTE and TOO FUN (I will be putting that bow on a baby hat sometime soon... perks of having an Etsy shop, y'all. I get to make random things just cause they are fun and I've got the stuff sitting around from other stuff! Haha :)!) I was worried she would be disappointed that it didn't have eyes... but I love crocheted toys without, and she loved it, so I was glad I just went with it :).

I also made Andrew a minion with some of the brighter yellow that was left. Now I've had a request from Josiah and Peter to make them one... I was planning maybe their birthdays, but I think it's gonna have to be Christmas... if Peter can wait that long, haha! The eyeball on the minion was fun to make... every crocheter knows that each project has that one piece that you always remember being fun when you look at it later!

For THIS project, that piece was the wings! I learned a new stitch (FPSC for you fellow crocheters), and it just MADE this dragon I made for Tori, all that ruffly jagged work on the wings, I love so much :D! Mama saw it and was like, "Awww, that's cute! Who knew dragons could hold so much potential?", and I answered, "How to Train Your Dragon changed everything." Haha :). I have heard that the third one is going to be about why there are no dragons left, though, and if that ends up true, I'm not sure I want to see it. I love Toothless so much, I don't want to know he leaves for any reason...

Tori and Daddy went to an art museum for her birthday (they said everything they DIDN'T pay for would have been worth paying for... haha!), and they told us that they had seen a stature of Lafeyette on his horse... with a teeny tiny turtle by the horse's hooves. Apparently, the guy who made it had the mold "finished" in 1900... but it wasn't until seven years that the statue was cast, because it took him that long to finish ironing out the imperfections to his satisfaction. So then he added a turtle in mockery of his own slowness. And I just find that hilarious and highly relatable to my own artsy/crafty projects, hahaha!

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  1. Hi, you could mention that the statue was made by Paul Bartlett and is located in Hartford, CT. :).


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