Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Told by the little ones ✽ We went to the fair

We went to the fair on opening day, and everybody had so much fun :)!!! We looked at crafts and art, enjoyed some food, and rode a few games (an older guy Daddy knows saw us and handed Mama some money to further treat everyone. He's always sooooo excited to see Daddy, it's sweet :) ). I was helping the little ones write some letters to dear friends of ours last week, and they all mentioned the fair at some point. I got to thinking that, I hadn't been able to post about it yet, and their perspectives were just too cute... so, I'm going to share those snippets of the letters here (with my comments in italics), and some pictures :)

 The bunnies and ducks were sooooo cute, especially the 
miniature ones. I did want to bring a few home, haha :).

 Josiah LOVED the turkey :).

Peter: We went to the fair. We went on the puppies. The ride "puppy roll" that told you to stay in the "bears" at all times?. We went around and around and it tipped that way and this way. Abbi and Emmi went on the caterpillar (ride) (at this point Tori told me that all my little comments remind her of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Letters from Father Christmas"). We got cotton candy. We looked at pictures. Daddy let me ride on the stroller. Tori and I laughed so hard at that comment. We went to the fair to ride the stroller ;). 

 Funnel cakes!!! Everybody tried a bite of the strawberry funnel
cake, and it was okay, but I'm not a fan of most strawberry
syrups or sauces, so I let those who liked it better enjoy it ;). 
Haha! I just like the powdered sugar kind :).

 This was Josiah's first funnel cake, and, though he was really tired
at first, once he had tasted it he perked up and loved it :).

Emmi: Bri, Tori, Daddy, Andrew and Bethi went on the ferris wheel. "Hey, Bri," she said cackling, "*I* know why they called it the FEARis wheel... it goes so fast, some people have fear on it!!!!" And we got ice cream and funnel cake. She called the funnel cake "pie" at first, and I was so confused. And we got pizza. And we had breakfast burritos and lunchmeat rollups and chips. She seems to love food. (Tori reading this wants you to know this was all at different times, not the same sitting at the fair ;).)

And I found a caterpillar. It got lost in the car. She held it in her open palm, and when Mama drove over a bump, it flew. Peter was already scared of sitting beside it; when he no longer even knew where it was, he spent the rest of the drive telling us that he was sure that he could feel something "tugging at his pants." He "thought it was the caterpillar". And Tori somehow missed those comments from Peter, and she about died laughing when she just found them here, haha! And then when we got to Daddy's store we found it under my seat. (It was alive!) We had to leave it at Daddy's store, and it was so sad. But good thing we left it at Daddy's store, because we went to the fair (they didn't know we were going beforehand) and the caterpillar was so fast, I might have dropped it. (The fast caterpillar was the caterpillar ride, not her "pet" that she might have dropped... that confused me a minute, haha.)

Matching cuties :)!!!!

(Speaking of matching shirts, there was a boy there who was wearing a shirt Andrew wears all the time, and I almost asked him why he was sitting so far from the rest of us... haha!)

Abbi: We had fun at the fair. The funnest part of the caterpillar was when we turned to the side and our hair flapped in the wind. She asked Mama before they got on, "can I please take my hair things out so I can feel my hair flowing in the breeze!?"

 When we got home, we were tired...

and happy :).

Emmi told Mama at the end of the day, "Thank you for taking us to the fair! It was so much fun it was like a dream. It started with my caterpillar and just kept getting better!"

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