Monday, October 17, 2016

JoPeter ✽ National Coffee Day

 Just because he's cute....

 and likes to pretend to text....

 and sleep with his chocolate. I love him! <3

This is a running family joke. When Peter was practically a 
baby ;), he told Tori, "Let's snuggle, and little hearts will come 
out of our heads", we're assuming because of people like Sally in
the Peanuts show, haha :). So, whenever we have little hearts
around when the camera is out, we have to take a picture 
something like this ;).

We often call "Jo-Peter" when we want Peter's attention; it started as an accident because we would start to call Josiah instead, but then it kind of started sticking as a real nickname, haha... But I thought it would be a fitting title for a post about the two of them, haha :).

Tori told us recently that she told Peter she was going to give him the "Biggest, longest, tightest hug in the world", and so she did... and Peter just hugged her right back, harder, and harder, and harder, until he was "hugging her with his feet, too", haha :).

Then she turned to Josiah and told him, "Now I'm going to give YOU the biggest, longest, tightest hug in the world!" And she scoop him up and hugged him... and he started squirming and hollering, "Wait! Stop! I'm not ready yet!!!!!"

And that, ya'll, accurately describes the difference between Peter and Josiah ;).

By the way, in my recent post about Peter and Josiah, I was told that I forgot to mention some of Tori's favorite nicknames for him: "Grumpy pants" and "Han Solo" and "Liar Liar pants-es burning". Let me just add  "among other names" this time, before another comment gets posted that tells me *I'm* a Liar Lair Pants-es Burning because I didn't include all of them ;). Neither Grumpy Pants nor Liar Lair are said to be mean; both of these are genuine terms of affection when pointed at Josiah, and if you know him in real life, you'll get it. Haha :). ("Pants-es burning" is his own coining of pants on fire... haha :).) The little goose just asked me, "Can you play cars with me?"
"It's about time to get ready for bed, baby."
"Caaaaan you.... clean up with me then?"
Hahaha! Only JoJo would think that cleaning was a good alternative to playing ;).

Soooooo, it turns out that National Coffee Day was September 29th.
You know how much our family loves coffee.
Like, Daddy and Mama and I hardly ever go a day without at least one cup of coffee in some form, right?
And so you know what Mama and I did? For National Coffee Day?
We. Didn't. Have. Coffee.
This was not intentional. I didn't know that it was Coffee Day until ten at night.
But how we BOTH managed to not have coffee on National Coffee Day?
I still haven't figured that out.

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