Monday, October 17, 2016

Third time is the charm ✽ Happened again

Last night I was walking around the house minding my own business. All the little ones were in bed. Mama and Daddy and us four older ones were going to stay up and have brownies and ice cream and watch "Gods and Generals". It was late. It was quiet. I turned the corner and saw something move.

Forget quiet. I screamed as I noticed that I was headed straight for a giant spider. By all logical reasoning I should have stopped and backed away, but I was so startled, instead I jumped -forward. For one terrifying moment I was sure I was going to land on it. I ended up on the other side of it, somehow, and started yelping for Andrew and Daddy.

Andrew came running with a wad of paper towels, and Daddy got there in time to tell him not to do it, but get a jar. He could tell it had dozens of little spiders with it this time, too.

I almost stepped on it.

Daddy caught it and took pictures of it, and we all gagged at it. Even Mama took a peak at it, because it's so strangely fascinating despite being disgusting.

At first it looks like a bumpy, hairy spider. But if you look close, the bumps begin to walk all over her back, and you begin to see that those bumps are all tiny bodies. Those hairs are legs, and they go all the way around. Her underside is as covered as the top in these pictures.

Daddy took them outside and left the jar on it's side. He said he wanted the mom to "be able to gather everybody up". He thinks so long-term and kindly to these terrifying creatures. When I mentioned that, he said he'd rather these than cockroaches, lol.

So I was thinking "third time is the charm, maybe that's all we'll see". We watched our movie, and the whole time I couldn't bring myself to put my feet on the floor. It felt very dangerous. And then. We finish our movie, and Mama gets up and walks by the sofa table and found another one. It didn't have any passengers, but, seriously?!??!?!?!!? Ugh, so gross! Andrew took it outside and we went to bed.

And I'm not even kidding, I dreamed of giant spiders after I went to bed. Some guy was keeping five of them as pets, and they were the size of small cats. So gross.

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