Sunday, October 28, 2018

"Snap Shots" from My First Week at Work

Okay, before I get into my post, can some one please explain stick chickens to me? I genuinely do not understand. But I laughed, lol! (And, no, these aren't found at Chick-fil-a. I ducked into Tractor Supply to get out of the rain after work, haha.) I have so many questions. But Tractor Supply has cute layering shirts for somewhere that I didn't even realize sold clothes, hahaha. (And I promise my hand is as cold as it looks in that picture... lol.)

As of last week, I am officially a part-time cashier at Chick-fil-a, and while the transition felt rather intense (especially the first morning I was on my own), I also feel like after just one week I already have a good understanding of the rhythm and am already settled in a good bit - I was ready for this. (And learned much faster than I expected, which has been such a relief to my perfectionistic self... haha!) I know several of you have shown interest in what I am doing, and so I thought you'd enjoy hearing a little bit about the highlights of my first week :).

  • First off, major thanks to my Mama, who rescued me the first morning as I tried to iron my uniform and 1. it wouldn't iron and 2. instead the iron was leaking water all over it. I had about 12 minutes to get out the door and was already past the anxious crying stage and at the resigned despair stage when I called on her, but she turned things around so fast and so well. It was honestly amazing.
  • Soooo, I briefly considered a job at a coffee shop before applying to Chick-fil-a, but decided against it for several reasons. But get this, the first thing I was trained on at Chick-fil-A... was making iced coffees. Y'all do not know how funny I find this.
  • My trainer also showed me how to make shakes quite early on, and she was in shock at how well she thought I did. And the very first strawberry shake I made went to a sweet older lady who popped up at my elbow thirty minutes later just to tell me that it was the best shake she'd ever had (I then admitted to her that it was my first strawberry one, haha!). Coffee, ice cream, and people. If this job description doesn't fit me, I don't know what does. Haha!
  • I work with some really great people! I feel like I've already made a few friends. Especially one of the girls who took me "under her wing" if you will, during my first solo day, just to encourage me and fill in some of the gaps, she was so sweet.
  • The highlight of my morning shift was when an elderly gentleman heard about the discount for his senior coffee and he was so excited and touched like I had just made his morning with a gift. It definitely paid me back for the panic I felt not knowing how to do the discount the first time it had been ordered, haha!
  • The little kids that come up for refills and trading in their toys for ice cream cones are definitely some of my favorite customers, I love all the smiles!
  • Yesterday, I had to stay at work just a few minutes late. After I gathered up my belongings to leave, I was heading back to the front of the store when I saw a familiar face. "Mr Robert?!?!" I asked, as I came out the door. My uniform threw him off for about ten seconds, and then his face just totally made my day as he recognized me! Mr Robert was our fill in choir director in Virginia (yes, I said Virginia!), and it had been years since I had seen him! He's moved here to be near his brother, so I shouldn't have been surprised to see him... but I was excited!
It's definitely been a change that we're all getting adjusted to, I think. While my hours aren't long, I was gone last week four days in a row, and the 3rd day, Joey looked at my uniform and asked me, "Why do you always leave?" His little voice made me so sad <3. But now this week he wants me to work as soon as possible, because Mama told him that one morning when I work, she'll take him shopping, sooo, I believe I may have a fair weather friend on my hands, haha ;).

On the whole, I am enjoying it. I definitely feel like it was the right decision and that the Lord is going to use this chapter of my life to grow me and bless me, even though it's one I didn't see when I "skimmed the pages" before. And so I am grateful :)!

Rejoicing in Hope,
Bri <3


  1. I now work at Panera so I understand about not being gone long but not being used to be going four days in a row. It's a change but I like my job a lot -- and I'm not gonna lie -- I love the money haha.

    1. Yes to practically this whole comment, hahaha!!! It's new, but it's also fun! And since the hours are part time, I still feel very involved with my family, which was my biggest concern. The goal is for me to save up for my own car so I can better move on with stage two of my "plan" (although we'll see how God works it all out!), so I am going to be careful to save my money. but I keep thinking, ooooo, I could buy/give/treat this friend or family member to ____ know that I have steady money... so, I'll be wise, but I will totally let myself do that once in a while, as well 😊. And I am going to buy myself some plants with my first pay check. I can't help myself. haha!

  2. Yes! Tractor Supply is awesome! My sisters and I have gotten some nice tops and tees there too!

    1. Well... haha... I didn't actually *buy* them... I just pet them and wondered what size I would wear and decided I had enough clothes for now, hahahaha...

  3. Also, how fun to see Mr. Roberts!

    1. Oh, it made my day, Alyssa! He's planning on visiting our church soon :D!

  4. How funny--I'm a part-time cashier at Chick-fil-A, too! I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying it! :)

    I must admit: I don't necessarily love it. The Chick-fil-A I work at seems to be busier than any other that I've been to, so it's almost always hectic and stressful! But then there are, of course, positives: making iced coffee (it's so satisfying to see the milk swirl into the coffee!); morning shifts (I wish I had more of those instead of closing shifts!) waiting on sweet elderly couples; and seeing little kids' faces light up when I hand them sprinkle-covered ice cream. And this whole experience has, I think, helped shape my character a bit, and it's taught me to lean into God more. Plus, the paychecks do make it worthwhile! ;P

    1. Are you really?! Molly, I feel like we constantly have more in common, haha! I had no idea before applying!

      Aw, that's sad! It wasn't my first choice, but it is so obviously a great fit for me, and I do love it! I usually work lunch shift, though sometimes I work morning, too, and I actually don't enjoy that as much (the breakfast menu is so. stressful. for me for some reason. Partly because people are constantly making custom meals for breakfast, and partly because I have less practice, I am sure). I actually work at one of the larger Chick-fil-as in the company, so, yeah, I know that it can get really busy, haha! But I love working with the people and yes, the kiddos! I had a tiny 5 year old (she wasn't bigger than a three year old!) come up today and ask for "an ice cream with a cherry on top, but could she please get it in a cone?" So cute! We don't do sprinkles, no fair! Haha ;).

      That is wonderful how you can see God's hand in even this, that you don't necessarily enjoy! And there is that, haha ;)...


"May the Lord, the God of your fathers... bless you!" Deuteronomy 1:11